Before and After: This KonMari-ed IKEA Closet Cost $1,700 and Is Basically a Boutique

published Feb 25, 2019
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This closet was filled with beautiful books and dresses, but it was all a bit of a jumble. Thanks to Marie Kondo, a massive amount of IKEA components, and helpful TaskRabbit, it is now a walk-in wonderland that shows off (and organizes) those dresses to their best advantage.

The closet as originally conceived was enviably large, but not very user-friendly:

I bought my house five years ago and the master closet came with the basic shelving and clothes rods that didn’t allow for any organization. So I’ve had to buy storage bins to be able to put clothes away but it’s been a nightmare to dig through storage bins every time I need to find a pair of pants or a top. After digging through storage bins and sifting through clothes on the floor of my closet, I decided it was time to make the plunge and tear out all the shelving.

Anyone who uses bins to organize their clothing (raises hand) knows that it seems like a simple, affordable organizational solution that rapidly gets out of control and isn’t very manageable in real life.

(Image credit: Brandon Hill)

Jane Ko of A Taste of Koko took this closet from basic to basically a boutique. The slide-out jewelry case is absolutely dreamy, a simple yet incredibly luxurious feature perfect for displaying beloved jewelry, sunglasses, pocket squares, tiaras, or belt buckles. The lighting is key, with light strips filling each compartment with a flattering glow. The white components reflect the light well and create a suitable backdrop for the Jane’s colorful clothing and accessories.

By dividing the space vertically, Jane was able to create a much more efficient configuration. Shirts hang above jackets, and a dozen shallow drawers neatly hold folded sweaters, jeans, and more. High shelves above could hold off-season items, hats, and less-often-used pieces.

(Image credit: Brandon Hill)

And if anyone was bemoaning the notion of a white closet, never fear: Jane added a playful punch of color at each end of the space in the form of fabulous flamingo wallpaper. The bold faux greenery is the perfect complement to the pink and creates the feeling of a tropical getaway. Jane is suitably enamored with the new closet:

I absolutely love my new IKEA PAX closet—it’s my dream closet! Everything is so organized in the new closet: different hanging options, drawers, jewelry and hang bags on display. I also used IKEA drawer storage bins to organize intimates, tops, and bottoms.

I used TaskRabbit to help assemble the IKEA PAX Closet and it took two days. The IKEA closet materials cost $1,130 and $600 for TaskRabbit assembly.

Jane helpfully provided a supply list, should anyone be interested in a similar closet makeover. These are the IKEA components used here, some assembly required of course:

(Image credit: Brandon Hill)

There are additional drawers at this end of the closet, all of them the perfect depth for neatly storing workout clothes, underthings, and socks—far superior to the bin life. And while one might not generally think of intensely flamingo-ed wallpaper as serene, this version certainly is. This closet is now a bit of a sanctuary, the perfect spot to start one’s day.

Jane shares the approach taken to achieve such chicly organized results:

When planning a closet clean out, take it in steps or else it can be discouraging and overwhelming. I started by sorting items into storage bins and then using the KonMari method (inspired by the new Netflix show) by pulling out all of the clothes and laying them out on the bed. Then touching each piece and determining if it’s an item I want to keep. While all of the clothes were being sorted, I ripped out all the old shelving and clothes rods from the closet. I made many trips to IKEA to thoroughly plan out the IKEA PAX closet on the 3D Planner and to touch all the closet pieces in person.

Thank you, Jane Ko of A Taste of Koko!