This $5 IKEA Item Solves the Most Stressful Part of Plant Parenthood

updated Mar 6, 2020
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Credit: Sarah Crowley/Apartment Therapy

Sure, they tell us that having houseplants can reduce stress, but what they fail to mention is that plant maintenance could actually be stressful, especially when it comes to watering. There are just so many questions! Like, when do I water? How much water do I put in? 

IKEA has the answer. The Swedish retailer has launched a new soil moisture sensor called the CHILIPULVER, which tells you when to water your plants. How it works is pretty straightforward. Simply insert the battery-operated accessory into the soil, and wait. The sensor will flash blue when your flora is thirsty, and when it’s not flashing, leave it alone.

Credit: IKEA

The sensor will indicate the plant’s need for water based on three levels: rarely, medium, and often. Conveniently, the three levels correspond to the kinds of plants available at IKEA, as indicated on pots by a number of water droplets.

A simple device like this can do wonders for your garden, giving you essential information about your plant’s needs. A lot of plant parents do guesswork, either watering their baby succulents far too seldom or too much, drowning the roots and creating the ideal conditions for rot. The meter can help you water with just the right amount.

And though the CHILIPULVER might not have additional features like tracking temperature and light intensity, not to mention not having an accompanying app, it’s a great tool for its price ($4.99), especially if you have numerous pots to keep track of. You can get it over at the IKEA website.