This $9 IKEA Tool Is My Laundry Room Secret Weapon

published Jul 29, 2023
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In my household of seven people and two huge dogs, laundry is a big part of our home-keeping responsibilities. 

I’m still tweaking routines and trying new things when it comes to staying on top of the significant (to put it mildly) amount of laundry we generate. But there’s so much more to laundry than not getting behind on it. 

Some of these laundry-related issues revolve around what to do with clothes that have been worn but don’t need to be washed yet, how to remove different kinds of stains, how you’ll sort laundry to be washed, whether you’ll separate lights and darks or different types of laundry, and how to ensure that you complete the cycle from putting dirty clothes in the washer to putting away clean clothes after. There’s a lot to consider.

One of my laundry room secret weapons is a product that addresses a few laundry sore spots. For over a decade, I’ve had it hung over my laundry room sink — and I recommend it to all my friends. The $9 IKEA PRESSA is my laundry room MVP. It’s a super-functional, multipurpose (and cute!) little helper. (It is available in-store at IKEA, but if you don’t live near one or you’d rather shop online, you can also find it on Amazon for an added cost.)

Why I Love the IKEA PRESSA

The IKEA PRESSA is a set of 16 hooks arranged on eight arms. The adorable eyes painted on the center of the PRESSA make the unit look like an octopus and, honestly, this little bit of whimsy is one of my favorite things about it. 

When it comes to functionality, the PRESSA shines. There’s enough space between the clips that small items have plenty of space to dry. I love that the clips are incorporated into the product, which means I don’t have to dig for clothespins or find a place to clip them, and I also don’t have to haul out my drying rack when I only have a few small items to dry. 

When not in use, the PRESSA arms can be collapsed against the main body and the whole thing can be stored without taking up too much space. In our house, though, this wet-laundry treasure is always ready and waiting. 

My family uses the PRESSA to dry wet rags before we toss them in the rag basket under the laundry room sink. This ensures that rags don’t become musty before we have a chance to wash and dry them. We also use the PRESSA to hang smaller items that are best air-dried, such as bras or hats. The PRESSA is great at displaying single socks, too, so that maybe, just maybe, you can find their matches. 

Every family’s laundry needs are different, but the PRESSA is such an unobtrusive and versatile tool that it promises to be a well-loved addition to any home.