This Barely-There IKEA Collection Creates Storage Space from Even the Tiniest Corners — Starting at Just $10

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Clean towels and robe near white wall in modern bathroom interior
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Without a doubt, storage tends to be the biggest gripe for small-space dwellers. It feels like you’re always jostling for new and clever ways to create that little bit of extra room for your stuff, whether that’s a spice shelf in the kitchen, somewhere to stash extra towels in the bathroom, a spot for a nightstand (where there’s none), or all of the above. But what if there’s absolutely no more free storage space in your apartment or home to begin with?

Well, you’re in luck with my latest find — from none other than IKEA — which essentially creates organization opportunities out of even the smallest, most unsuspecting nooks and crannies. Whether you need extra storage in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, entryway, or all of the above, IKEA’s VESKEN cart/shelf line is so clever, you’ll feel like you’ve magically found square footage out of thin air.

The VESKEN collection comes with a tiny footprint and an even teenier price tag, ranging from just $9.99 to $15.99. It includes three pieces: a white cart and two shelving units, some of which also come in a black finish beyond the typical IKEA white. Whether you have a slim slice of space or a tight corner, the IKEA VESKEN range is ready to help you maximize extra storage in areas you’d never even thought possible. Below, get the lowdown on the line and how to style each item in your own space.

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The compact VESKEN shelf unit is an IKEA top seller, and it’s easy to see why. Less than 10 inches deep, this four-tier piece costs just $15.99. It’s also tall enough to leave spacious gaps between each of the individual shelves (they're just under a foot apart), so you can pile on plenty of leftover towels, toiletries, and even blankets or cooking essentials. Plus, the top two perches won’t require any bending action, making it ideal to reach for everyday things no matter where you position it.

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The second shelving unit in IKEA's VESKEN range is designed for specifically corners — my favorite, because I can find a use for it in every room in my home. Like the rest of these pieces, this has a simple, barely-there look, so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb. This handy, three-level storage accessory will slide neatly into any overlooked corner, and, at only $9.99 a piece, you don’t need to stop at just one. In fact, this could even work particularly well styled as a nightstand if you can't fit a traditional bedside table in your bedroom.

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At just over seven inches deep, the last piece of the collection, a mobile cart with wheels, features the tiniest footprint of all. Have a sliver of space between your bed and the wall, your toilet and sink, or even your end kitchen cabinet and the window? Slide in one of these very affordable carts, and, voilà: You just created instant storage that can easily move from room to room, if needed.