This Inexpensive Product Will Take Your Listing Photos to the Next Level

published Jan 2, 2022
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In today’s market, many real estate agents are swamped with the increase in buyers trying to take advantage of low interest rates and sellers trying to get the most value out of their home. And that means services like real estate photography are in high demand.

If you’re ready to get your home listed, but a photographer hasn’t been able to make it to your place yet, you may be fully prepared to take on that task by yourself. Or, if you’re looking to list your place on Airbnb or VRBO, you may have no option but to take those images yourself when first starting out. 

You may be thinking: How hard could it be? I take pictures on my phone all the time on my phone and those come out great! Well, as it turns out, there’s a reason photographers are professionals. It can take years of training and practice to take a high-quality real estate photo, and the professionals have quite a few tricks and tools up their sleeves that the average layman may not know anything about. 

One of those tricks is a wide angle lens. Wide angle lenses are commonly used in real estate photos to capture as much of the room as possible, and the professionals know just how to accomplish this without making the room look distorted and as if you’re looking down a tunnel. 

They’re especially important for small spaces, such as apartments, powder rooms, walk-in closets, or tight bedrooms. Plus, with a greater depth of field, there’s also the opportunity for more light sources to filter into the image. 

A wide angle cell phone attachment can accomplish just this without breaking the bank. 

This cell phone attachment costs just $16 on Amazon, and offers a 120-degree angle for a wider field of vision, allowing you to capture more of your interiors without sacrificing on quality. 

And of course, make sure to prepare your space for your photos. Typical advice from real estate agents includes cleaning out the space and decluttering, hiding wires or other obvious distractions, taking down personal photos (temporarily!), and making sure that there’s no evidence of your beloved pets. Don’t forget good lighting!