This Instagrammer Found an Ingenious Hack for Your Annoying Boot Storage Problem

published Feb 3, 2024
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modern casual boots on the floor at hotel doorstep. Pink white and black color, dirty after long travel
Credit: AnnaTamila/Shutterstock

If you’re a boot lover, then you’re probably in this predicament: your boots are, well, everywhere. As you know, boots are notoriously hard to store and keep organized. They can only go on the top rack of a shoe rack, they don’t fit on those over-the-door shoe organizers, and how many pool noodles do you really have to buy to keep your boots upright? One Instagrammer stumbled upon a shoe storage solution that has finally helped her get her boot collection in order and you’re going to want to grab one, too.

Instagram user Aarica Nichole shared a recent Amazon find that helped her “wrangle” her boots. It’s such a simple design, but this boot rack will keep your boots organized, upright, and all in one place.

Unlike traditional shoe racks, this boot rack uses dowel rods to store your boots (you can buy one or make your own). This not only keeps them from tipping over, but it also prevents creases from forming in tall boots and even prevents dust from collecting on the uppers. 

“Ooo clever,” one person commented on Aarica Nichole’s post. Another person said, “OMG I need this in my life. Buying them ASAP.”

In the comments section, Aarica Nichole said she purchased her boot rack from The Container Store. This rack comes in either a four-pair or six-pair model, with the six-pair rack featuring longer dowels in the back for knee-high boots and shorter dowels in the front for ankle boots.

You can also find these boot racks on Amazon. This one from Viewcare is the same style as The Container Store rack, and comes in either a natural wood color or black. And, as reviewers have stated, these racks are also awesome to use for winter boots in a mudroom or by a front door.

“It’s a good design with enough space between each boot to let them dry out and ‘breathe,’” one reviewer wrote. “There are different heights for both short and tall boots, which is helpful, and soft rubbery-foam patches to place on the bottom to keep it from sliding or scratching your floors. I will probably end up putting a tray under the rack, simply because we get a bit of snow, and lots of salted sidewalks and streets and I don’t want that dripping on my bare floor, but the boot rack itself is pretty perfect, and the wood used is very neutral, which I like.”

So if you need help “wrangling” your boots, too, then pick up one of these racks to get your closet organized and stop rogue boots from taking over your space.