These 10 Home Trends Will Dominate 2019, According to Designers

published Nov 18, 2018
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New year, new you.

Once January 1 rolls around, we all make these grand resolutions to make ourselves healthier, more positive, more productive, and all-around better people. We buy a fancy gym membership. We forgo our favorite takeout spot in favor of a healthy, home-cooked meal. We even promise ourselves to not hit the snooze button more than once (okay, twice).

We commit to bettering ourselves—and rightfully so—but what about our homes? Simply put, our homes are a reflection of ourselves. It’s where we eat, sleep, relax, bathe, and even work. So shouldn’t we give our place the tender, loving care it deserves come the new year?

Of course, one of the most stylish ways to spruce up your space is by embracing some of the design world’s hottest trends. To kickstart some inspiration, nine design experts share which trends they think will make it big come 2019.

Treat Yo’Self to Terrazzo

“The biggest interior design trend of 2019 is terrazzo. With all this Memphis Milano ’80s craze happening, we are seeing people [buy] terrazzo coffee tables, side tables, and tile floors. We’re even seeing the terrazzo tile motif used on wallpaper and carpets. It’s a trend from the past that is coming back with a modern twist.” Sasha Bikoff, interior designer

Classic Kitchen

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“I think that more traditional kitchen design is going to dominate 2019. Looking to British kitchen design as inspiration, closed cabinetry, fine millwork details, wire mesh door panels, authentic period hardware, and honed surfaces will reign.” Erin Gates, interior designer

“In 2019, modern kitchen design will be about going to back to basics. Kitchens are being pared down to allow raw materials to shine on their own. Think wood, stone, shiplap, and jute.” Anne Hepfer, interior designer

Round It Out

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“Embrace a curvy design aesthetic. 1970s-inspired rounded furniture will continue to take over. Rounded back chairs are a chic way to bring the curvy trend into your home.” —Anne Hepfer

The Gilded Age

“Mixing of metals will continue to take precedence, but it will come along with the mixing of textured materials. A variety of textures help add depth and contrast, creating a multi-dimensional room. Rich upholstery materials like velvet juxtaposed with cozier wools and cashmeres are a great addition to a mix of highlights from brass, iron, and gold-plated metals.” — Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl, co-founders of Studio Life.Style

Green With Envy

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“The design trend I’m most excited to see develop in 2019 is the enthusiasm for green—as a color and as an ethos. Green is a calming, sophisticated and thought-provoking color. It imbues rooms with a sense of refinement and works well in botanical interiors. As we seek to protect and nurture our environment, to avoid plastics in our daily life and in our homes, the use of green on furniture and walls is a fabulous backdrop to the natural materials we’re embracing. We haven’t seen green embraced so widely since the Art Deco movement of the 1920s, so it’s also a nod to those glory days of design and elegance. What’s not to love?!” Annie Sloan, paint and color expert and creator of Chalk Paint

Au Naturale

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“Organic shapes will be a big hit this upcoming year. Look out for a revival of curved furniture in 2019. The hard, geometric lines that we’ve seen for the past few years are giving way to softer shapes in both prints and furniture shape.” —Alessandra Wood, interior designer expert and director of style at Modsy

Chic Contrast

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“High-contrast neutrals will be in style for 2019. While layering neutral textures is all the rage, we’re also starting to see dark and light neutrals paired together for more drama and edge within a space.” —Alessandra Wood

In Living Color

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“I would predict that we’ll be seeing more and more people moving away from the beige minimalism that’s really defined the past couple of years. I think design is headed in a much more daring direction as maximalist interiors full of bold colors, copious patterns, and rich textures going mainstream. Along those same lines, we’ll also be seeing more eclectic spaces that play with different design styles and eras. Think contemporary pieces mixed with plenty of vintage, or modern design choices layered with Hollywood regency influences.” —Caitlin Murray, interior designer and founder of Black Lacquer Design

Affinity for Artisanal

(Image credit: Lauren Kolyn)

“I think the time has finally come that we will start veering away from these pastel toned geometric shapes. I’m seeing a lot more designers & makers reverting back to craft and finding ways to slow down. From experimenting with new materials to making limited quantities. In our world of mass production, I am see many leaning toward these smaller batches, more ‘artisanal’ or ’boutique’, if you can stand the words (I can’t). Even larger companies like West Elm are reaching out to smaller makers to create more unique goods where each piece has different handmade imperfections.” Michala Monroe, interior designer

Pattern Play

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“Pattern! Pattern mix of any and all kind… in fabrics, tile, rugs… layer them, pair them… matched or mismatched, pattern on pattern is a fresh spin on a more old world style. Think English country house meets Parisian pied-à-terre!” Alison Pickart, interior designer