This One-Click Setting Will Instantly Improve Your iPhone Photography

updated May 22, 2019
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Credit: Leandro Crespi / Stocksy

Even if you’re not a photographer (or an aspiring one), your iPhone makes it easier than ever for you to snap high-quality photos. The phone’s camera quality helps: Newer model iPhone cameras are comparable to DSLRs, which means taking a stunning image is as simple as turning on portrait mode (or, let’s be honest, selfie mode). But if you want to boost your photo game to the next level, there’s another, simple way to take balanced, professional-looking iPhone pics — simply by turning on a setting you may not have known was there in the first place.

The Trick

Every photographer knows a good photo is all about the right composition. For instantly better pictures, turn on your phone’s grid setting, which places a 9-square overlay on the camera app as a guide. (Don’t worry; the grid is faint, so it won’t negatively interfere with your photo.) You’ll not only have an automatic level that aligns your phone perfectly for the top-down flatlays Instagram loves, but with the guidance of the grid overlay, you’ll also be able to easily and quickly take pro-level pictures that feel balanced and well-composed.

Credit: Blackzheep/Getty Images

Ready for a little photography lesson? The basis of the iPhone grid lies in the well-known “Rule of Thirds.” A trick photographers use for eye-catching compositions, the rule of thirds states that important elements of an image (like a person, building, or scenery) should be positioned along the lines or at the intersections of the grid lines rather than in between the lines. Not convinced? Try grabbing a picture with and without the rule of thirds, and see the difference for yourself!

How to Turn on Your iPhone’s Grid Setting

  1. Open the settings app
  2. Tap “photos and camera” or “camera,” depending on your iOS
  3. Find “Grid” and toggle “on”
  4. Impress all your friends and followers with your new, professional-looking photos!