These Pantry Organizers Actually Helped Me Get My Linen Closet in Order

published Jan 26, 2022
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Right now, I’m kind of on a home organization kick. There are so many little objects that can really pile up before you realize it’s happening — it’s not so much the volume of them that’s the issue as it is the disorganization. I’ve kept things pretty simple over the years when it comes to organizers, mainly sticking to shelves, racks, and drawers, but baskets and bins rarely make an appearance in my home. I wanted to change all that and decided to kickstart my exploration with my beloved coffee and tea bar. I knew immediately that I wanted baskets for it, but there are so many to choose from. I began my search on Amazon, ruling out everything I didn’t want until I came across iSPECLE’s Wire Storage Basket set.

There are a lot of storage solutions on Amazon, but what drew my eye to these specifically was that they are minimalistic, made of durable but lightweight metal, and boast lots of room for small items. The iSPECLE wire storage baskets come in small, medium, and large sizes suited to a variety of home organization needs. Though I haven’t tried the small baskets, I got the combined large and medium set for the bar cart that holds all of my coffee and tea essentials. My bar cart has limited shelf space, so I didn’t want anything that was too bulky or closed in — the last thing I want to do in the morning is sift through a dark box for the exact drink I’m craving.

If you look at images of the wire storage baskets, they all seem to drastically differ in size. In reality, though, there’s less than an inch difference in length, width, and depth between the medium and large baskets, allowing them both to hold plenty of necessities. I used the medium baskets for all my coffee and tea selections and the large one for my abundant water bottle collection, which tended to topple over anytime the cart moved. As soon as I got the baskets onto the cart, it made a HUGE difference! I thought I had organized everything pretty well without containers, but the storage baskets made my efforts look so much more streamlined and clean.

Credit: Britt Franklin

With the final large basket in my four-piece set, I turned my sights to my linen closet. I’d always kind of hated how it looked — even when my sheets are folded, my cleaning supplies and air fresheners are all lined up, and my blankets are neatly stacked at the bottom, it still carries an air of disarray. I added the basket to the shelf with lots of little items (like wall plug-ins, home fragrances, and a power cord for a heated blanket) and put them all inside. It took the shelf from a 3 to a 10 instantly, keeping everything contained and cutting down on excess clutter. In fact, I loved the transformation so much, I’m planning to get another set of baskets to put all my extra sheets in so they aren’t as messy and can be organized by style.

All in all, I am beyond happy with my purchase of iSPECLE’s storage basket set. I even have plans to order a couple of the small baskets for my pantry for individually-wrapped snacks and tiny kitchen tools. The great thing about these baskets? They aren’t limited to organizing linens, coffee, or tea — they can be used in the refrigerator, freezer, bathroom, and more. The five-star rating doesn’t lie, these wire baskets are a must-have.

Buy: iSPECLE Wire Storage Baskets (4-Pack), $39.49 (originally $45.99)