January Is the Best Time to Get Your Home Organized—But I’m Doing One Thing Differently This Year

published Jan 14, 2021
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Seeing January on the calendar can be quite the motivator to get your life in order. That’s why we do the January Cure here at Apartment Therapy and channel that “new year, new you” energy into kicking off some home organizing efforts.

But if the new year is your cue to begin tidying up, you still need another incentive to finish the job. For me and everyone else who’s done the Cure in prior years, that incentive has always been a get-together. To make sure I follow through on my new year goals, I plan a party for the first few weeks of February to invite friends over to enjoy my new and improved space with me. It gives me something to look forward to, and a sort of finish line for all my efforts.

Throwing a party is obviously not going to be doable this year, so I’ve reimagined this part of my new-year-routine for 2021. Here’s the plan…

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Day 9: Schedule a virtual home tour with a friend.

Create a virtual event for sometime in February (after the Cure is over), and invite some friends or family to hop on and take a virtual tour of your space.

The easiest way to do this is over a video chat application like FaceTime or Zoom. Send an invitation and let everyone know that you’ve worked on some projects since they last came over, and you’d love to show them around virtually. It doesn’t have to take long — your virtual tour can be just a quick walkthrough before you sign off… or stay on for drinks and more catching up.

The benefits here are twofold: First, you get to feel like a celebrity inviting MTV “Cribs” over (you have my permission to make a “this is where the magic happens” joke when you get to the bedroom). Second, you’ll have a clear end to the Cure and something to keep you dedicated to and excited about your space.

Taryn's Tips

You don’t have to be a celebrity or influencer to share a virtual house tour of your space. Invite some friends to a video chat, or post a walkthrough video on social media. Regularly sharing your space is the best way to stay committed to your clean-home goals.

If you want to skip this part of the Cure, that’s fine. But try to reimagine for yourself something you can do to mark the end of the Cure and keep you accountable.

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