Jasmin’s Little House of Anglophilia

published Aug 14, 2015
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(Image credit: Olivia Hinkel)

Name: Jasmin Snyder
Location: Irvington; Indianapolis, Indiana
Size: 994 square feet of living space, 400 square feet of unfinished basement
Years lived in: 3.5 years; Owned

Jasmin’s house doesn’t immediately reveal the creative wealth it holds inside. Set back from the road and colored an unassuming gray, it doesn’t give any sign that it is something out of the ordinary… that is, until you get closer to the porch and catch sight of the tropical-patterned couch centered beneath a rustic wreath. As soon as the door is opened, you are greeted by a dynamic composition in the form of a refreshing, if simple, entryway- and it only gets better from there.

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(Image credit: Olivia Hinkel)

Like her house, Jasmin has every right to show off, but instead maintains a humble attitude regarding her creativity and accomplishments. She bought her little house at the age of 26- an impressive commitment in this day and age. With ownership of her home came freedom to do as she pleased with her own space, and the discovery of her true passion: interior decorating. This passion shows in her home, but also on her blog, Little House Design. Based on her updates online, it would appear that her home’s decor is constantly in flux, but at the same time, stunningly consistent. While visiting her home, I noted how her house seemed to actually have a sense of poise, and wondered if it always looked so composed or if it was on its “best behavior,” as it were. It turns out that keeping her home styled and organized is the easy part for her- it’s the mundane cleaning tasks, such as dusting, that she is more likely to find challenging.

While many people will travel the world and bring home mementos in order to add an international touch to their home, Jasmin has a slightly different approach. While she does collect a number of things on her travels, she also works with a local international school and houses students from abroad for any number of weeks. The guest room, though decorated and furnished by Jasmin, has housed several students from different countries and with varying levels of English experience. In addition to these students, she shares her home with Bob Wiley, her lovable, if somewhat unpredictable, canine companion.

Jasmin has done a beautiful job of creating enviable decor in her home. She makes unfinished floors take on a classy sheen, creates spaces both focused and multi-functional from the cast-offs of former generations, and infuses literature into her decor in a way that would charm any book-lover’s nostalgic side. Her little home is not just a house of excellent design, but a space full of passion that welcomes the unexpected, be it a stranger from afar, a certifiably insane dog, or a miniature Don Lockwood dancing among the houseplants.

(Image credit: Olivia Hinkel)

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Most people would probably define my style as eclectic thrift shop chic, but personally I’m going for an “80-year-old-professor-who-has-traveled-the-world” vibe. This may not be a thing, but to me it makes perfect sense.

Inspiration: Traveling, anywhere and everywhere. My house is filled with little things I’ve purchased from my travels.

Favorite Element: The porch, because the outside of this little house wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without it.

Biggest Challenge: Any project I can’t do on my own. The original 1922 hardwood floors in the bedrooms and hallway are the perfect example. Before I moved in I ripped up the carpet covering them, but didn’t have time to refinish them before I moved my stuff in. Now the thought of having to move all that furniture to complete the project is a task I’m not quite up for.

What Friends Say: The two most common questions I’m asked by people who come to my house for the first time are “Is your family from England?” and “Are you an artist?” My response is always, “I’m a creative anglophile.”

Biggest Embarrassment: The yard! I’m not cut out for yard work, but I do my best. I hate the hideous bushes in front of the house, but I haven’t come up with a good plan for removing and replacing them. I’m still psyching myself up for the task.

Proudest DIY: The campaign dresser in my bedroom. I found it on craigslist for $200 and refinished it myself. It’s not perfect by any means, but I still love it. Second place goes to the painted ottoman. It wasn’t a high-risk project, moneywise, but I’m so happy with how it turned out.

Biggest Indulgence: Anything I purchased full price, like the living room rug. When you are used to thrifting and Craigslisting everything, paying retail feels like a big deal.

Best Advice: Buy what you like. Don’t get caught up in if it “goes” with your house. If you love it, you’ll make it work.

Dream Sources: I’ll always be a thrift shop/Craigslist kind of girl.


(Image credit: Olivia Hinkel)


  • Main Bedroom (above): Sherwin William Loyal Blue (LOVE this color)
  • Second bedroom and entryway stripe: Behr Graceful Grey
  • Living room and hallway ceiling: Behr Suede Grey
  • Dining room: Behr Classic Silver
  • Kitchen: Clark + Kensington Cannon Ball (LOVE this color)
  • Bathroom: Behr Ballet White
  • Exterior: Behr Dark Granite
  • (Image credit: Olivia Hinkel)


    • Curtains: IKEA Ritva, hand-painted by Jasmin
    • Dog statues: Target
    • Leather book: Target
    • Light fixture: IKEA
    • Starburst mirror: Home Depot
    • All other items: yard sales, thrift shops, side of the road, and Craigslist
    (Image credit: Olivia Hinkel)


    • Side table desk: CB2
    • Coral pillow cover: Pottery Barn
    • Union Jack dresser: Created by Inspired by You, purchased via Craigslist
    • Woven Lamps: IKEA
    • Couches: IKEA Karlstad in Isunda Gray, one purchased new, one purchased via Craigslist
    • Rug: World Market
    • Ottoman: thrift shop, hand-painted by Jasmin
    • Terrarium: HomeGoods
    • Lantern lamp: IKEA
    • Green pillow: Pier 1 Imports
    • White planters: IKEA
    • Tortoise shell: Target
    • Tripod lamp: Target
    • White greenhouse: IKEA
    • White Roman shades: J.C. Penney
    • All other items from yard sales, thrift shops, side of the road, or Craigslist
    (Image credit: Olivia Hinkel)


    • Bookshelves: IKEA Billy
    • The End bookend: CB2
    • Chevron urn: Target
    • Frames: Target, mostly
    • Chair fabric: IKEA
    • Bar cart: Target
    • Record player: Urban Outfitters
    • Postcards: Amazon
    • Curtains and curtain rod: Target
    • Bird art: Etsy artist matouenpeluche
    • Bird frames: Michaels, gold-leafed by Jasmin
    • All other items: yard sales, thrift shops, side of the road, and Craigslist
    (Image credit: Olivia Hinkel)


    Light fixture: IKEA

    • Fabric behind sink shelf: IKEA
    • Etc jar: Target
    • Red lid jar: Anthropologie
    • Instagram prints: Social Print Studios
    • Kitchen cart: IKEA
    • Shelves: IKEA
    • Glass head: Pier 1 Imports
    • USA cutting board: Target
    • Glass jars with metal lids: Walmart
    • Hermetically-sealed glass jars: IKEA
    • Pig figurine: Michaels, painted white by Jasmin
    • Trashcan: Simple Human
    • Dog food dish: Martha Stewart for Petsmart
    • Blinds: Walmart
    • White frames: IKEA
    • Alice in Wonderland prints: Etsy artist EncorePrints
    • Red kitchen items print: Etsy artist 1canoe2
    • 1 2 3 jars: Target
    • Matroyshka measuring cups: Uncommon Goods
    • Red kitchen timer: Anthropologie
    • Kitchen towel: Target
    • Fan: Japan
    • Red Dutch oven: Sam’s Club
    • All other items: yard sales, thrift shops, side of the road, and Craigslist
    (Image credit: Olivia Hinkel)


  • Zebra rug: Sam’s Club
  • Green lamp: Target, shade hand-painted by Jasmin
  • Red jewelry box: Pottery Barn
  • Desk: Walmart via Craigslist
  • Light fixture: IKEA
  • Pillow: IKEA
  • Canvas: Michaels, hand-painted by Jamin
  • Trashcan: Simple Human
  • Nightstand dresser: IKEA Rast, DIYed by Jasmin
  • Desk fan: Walmart
  • White frames: Michaels
  • Desktop paper holders: OfficeMax
  • Yellow tape dispenser: Amazon
  • Blue floral boxes in closet: IKEA
  • Shoe holder: Target
  • Ottoman: Target
  • All other items: yard sales, thrift shops, side of the road, and Craigslist
  • (Image credit: Olivia Hinkel)


  • Daybed: West Elm via Craigslist
  • Rug: CB2
  • Fabric on lampshades: JoAnn Fabrics
  • Silver floor reading lamp: IKEA
  • Nightstand: IKEA
  • Nightstand reading lamp: IKEA
  • Tan blanket: Kohl’s
  • All other items: yard sales, thrift shops, side of the road, and Craigslist
  • (Image credit: Olivia Hinkel)


  • String lights: Meijer
  • All other items: yard sales, thrift shops, side of the road, and Craigslist
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