Jeremiah Brent Shares His “Controversial” Opinions on Fall Decor

published Oct 23, 2023
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headshot of Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent
Credit: Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images; Design: Apartment Therapy

Cozy and classic, autumn decorations are beloved for a reason. But that doesn’t mean you have to approve of every popular fall design trend, even if you’re a designer! Just ask Jeremiah Brent, who recently took to Instagram to share five fall decorating staples that he prefers to avoid.

“A lot of this is gonna be very controversial,” Brent tells viewers at the top of the video. “I respect you, you respect me. We don’t all have to agree. This is where I stand on this specific topic.”

Starting with a bold declaration, he admitted that his first fall decor no-no is flannel sheets.

“They stress me out,” Brent explained. “I like them on a jacket, maybe the lining of a sweater. I do not like them in a bed, and I don’t think they transition well throughout the year.”

Another decoration that he’s had enough of, personally? Silk plants, which Brent said he likes to avoid “year-round.”

“Or, as I like to call them, dust collectors,” he added. 

Coming in third is (gasp!) pumpkin scents.

“I know there’s a lot of people that are going to be mad at me,” Brent admitted. “It’s not for me, and if it’s pumpkin anything, I steer clear.”

Speaking of pumpkin, Brent said that he likes to avoid using the color orange in his interior decorating, full-stop. However, he clarified that he does like shades “like terracotta, something with a little bit more brown in it, tone-wise.”

Finally, he tends to stay away from anything burlap, referring to the material as “the modern-day doily.”

“It shouldn’t be overlapping, layered on every tabletop,” Brent said. “It’s nice in moderation, but burlap everything is itchy, and it just sheds.”

Do you agree with any of Brent’s picks? And when it comes to autumn decor, what personally gives you the ick?