Jodi & Ryan’s Immaculate Whimsy

updated Dec 19, 2019
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Names: Jodi & Ryan with children Uma, 3¾ and Peregrine, 1½
Pets: Avril the dog, 9 and Senior the cat, 10
Professions: Jodi is Vice President of Zulama an eLearning company and Ryan is a stay at home dad, food blogger and underground charcuterie producer
Location: Rogers Park — Chicago, Illinois
Size: 2,000 square feet — 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1 sun room, built in 1916
Years lived in: 3½ years owned (this is their 3rd home together)

Ryan and Jodi’s home is an art and design lover’s dream, accented with sleek sofas, inspired prints and vintage discoveries all while being organized to a “T”. Their supreme systematic skills are mixed with a lighthearted sensibility that create a playful, kid-friendly terrain fit for adults.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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Dining room (Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

One aspect of their home that stands out is a vast collection of artwork, constantly in rotation. The high quality and depth of their collection is no surprise; Jodi and Ryan were the proprietors of the now closed NavtaShulz Gallery in Chicago’s West Loop. Three and a half years ago, the couple sold the live/work building where the gallery was housed and moved to a Rogers Park condo. They designed this home not only for themselves but for children, and made a conscious effort to not sacrifice their design aesthetic for a Fisher Price landscape. Cheerful artwork and modern furniture live in harmony with dollhouses (modern architecture, of course), pink guitars and stuffed animals, which seamlessly integrate into their decor creating an environment that fosters delight in adults as well as 3¾ and 1½ year-old dreamers.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Vintage Condo meets Mid-century Modern

Inspiration: Dwell, those Flexform Ads, one of our favorite books Ancient and Modern, Vintage Stores, (Edgewater Antique Market, Broadway Antique Market, Scout), our friend Maura Koutoujian, (several of her prints are in our house), James Westwater’s home in Beacon, New York, (which was featured on the December/January cover of Readymade Magazine).

Favorite Element: Chalkboard Wall, vintage subway tile in the bathroom (in fact, the whole master bathroom), formal dining room, kitchen seat and counters.

Biggest Challenge: Picking paint. Ryan wanted to paint the whole place white, Jodi wanted color — we compromised.

What Friends Say: “This place is huge.” They like our art. They ask how we keep the place to clean with kids.

Biggest Embarrassment: When we first moved in the previous owner had installed a super vintage kitchen—cool, except the kitchen counters were atomic blue translucent plastic. We’re not sure where she got the stuff from, but they were hideous and shattered everywhere when we removed them. Also, for the first 3 years we lived here, we couldn’t shut most of the doors all of the way, including the guest bathroom and the guest bedroom. Our apologies to all the friends and family we have seen naked.

Proudest DIY: The kitchen seat and the counters, the cat door and kitty litter box on the porch.

Biggest Indulgence: Having kids and installing proper kitchen ventilation.

Best Advice: Edit, edit, edit. Clutter is the devil. Spend as much money as you do on furniture on original art — or more because the art will usually outlast the furniture. Select your furniture wisely and resist impulse buying, especially on vintage finds.

Dream Sources: Flexform, Luminaire, Herman Miller

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Resources of Note:


    • Herman Miller Aluminum Group Chair is vintage and was a gift from James Westwater
    • foyer table is from CB2
    • vintage coat rack
    • lightbox by James Westwater “Untitled” 2007
    • painting of a woman by Lester O. Schwartz “Untitled” 1939


    • Couch (tufty-time knockoff) from
    • Nelson bench, Globe lamp, bookshelf, Wassily chairs are vintage finds from various sources
    • painting above record player: James Westwater, Untitled, 2008
    • group of artwork above couch: Maura Koutoujian “Dead Deer” (top right), David Packer “Backbreaker” (ship drawing on right), “Cowboy” vintage find, Small Blue painting by Tim Mahan, Hand painted Postcards on top left from Brian Ritchard, Scribbled drawing, by Uma (daughter), vintage Lion figurine from Grandma Schulz


    • Tables were designed and built by friends
    • Vintage 40/4 chairs and Vintage Danish Buffet from Edgewater Antique Market in Chicago
    • Vintage knockoff Tulips from our van dude
    • Housepet Flor Squares
    • Light Sculpture by Jason Peot “Installation Kit #2”
    • Silver canvas “Untitled” by Bruce Campbell,
    • “Drizzle” Robert Flynn, 2004
    • large green canvas, Portrait of Woman by Lester O. Schwartz, 1939


    • Silver table from a kitchen supply company
    • vintage barstools were bought on eBay


    • Egg prints were a gift (vintage)
    • prints by James Westwater created for his last show with NavtaSchulz Gallery
    • small abstract painting by Lester O. Schwartz “A Spin of the Wheel” 1987


    • Headboard and bedframe and bedding from IKEA
    • bed, lamp and desk lamp are vintage
    • Aluminum Group action series bookshelf and desk by Herman Miller are vintage (third generation family owner)
    • Herman Miller vintage shell chair
    • Painting above bed “Flag For Spring” by Mel Davis, 2003
    • print of stones by Maura Koutoujian
    • (Above desk) “Fill This Bag With Ideas”, Framed Bag, 33″ x 23″ by Mark Arctander, 2003, Small abstract was painted by a good friend’s son, “Guitar Player” by Don Laviere Turner, “Motorcycle Helmut” by Ben Potter
    • The sculptures on the shelves: Top left and bottom right are Thaddeus Mosely. The bottom left and the top right are vintage and unsigned



    • Bedframe, dresser, and dressing table from IKEA
    • bedding by Unison
    • blue chair is a vintage Herman Miller Chadwick Chair
    • dressing table chair is an LC1 chair, a reissue from DWR
    • Untitled sailors above bed by Michelle Peterson-Albandoz, Las Manos Gallery
    • large abstract by Lester O. Schwartz
    • Untitled Pink ovals by James Westwater
    • “Hawk” by Ben Potter
    • small collage on dressing table by Ben Potter


    • Storage, desk, bed from IKEA
    • Wassily is a reissue
    • 19th century French dough bowl toy storage was made by Ryan
    • Robot print from Pittsburgh artist Mike Budai
    • “Birds and the Bees” by Shelley Klein
    • “Untitled” abstract line painting by Jodi Navta


    • Dresser and Crib by Duc Duc NYC
    • Womb chair is a reproduction
    • Rug from CB2
    • Lamp from IKEA
    • Framed hospital inkpads are from Peregrine’s first day
    • collages in corner are by Ben Potter

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Thanks, Jodi & Ryan!

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