These Nesting Colanders Have Saved Me So Much Cabinet Space (Plus, They’re on Sale!)

published Sep 22, 2023
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I never thought that I could feel passionately about such a simple kitchen tool as a colander, but I guess that’s what happened when I entered my 30s. I thought such excitement would be reserved for if I ever got a Le Creuset Dutch Oven or a KitchenAid Stand Mixer, alas I have neither, but a girl can dream. In the meantime, I celebrate every easy-to-use kitchen find that doesn’t clog up valuable cabinet space.

When I moved to NYC nearly nine years ago, my mother sent me a massive colander, big enough to hold a stockpot’s worth of pasta. Maybe she assumed I would be hosting major dinner parties or thought I’d be moving to the suburbs a few years after arriving. Both options were wishful thinking. I have always used this giant colander to drain pasta for meals for one or two people. Every time I use it, I worry about scalding water splashing me, steam burning my hands, or dropping it because it’s unwieldy. It takes up literally half of my cabinet shelf.

Finally, last month I started to dig around online for a more small-space-friendly alternative and found this nesting colander set from Joseph Joseph.

What Is the Joseph Joseph Nest Colanders Stackable Set?

The Joseph Joseph Nest Colanders Stackable Set is made out of plastic and weighs about one pound. The set comes with two nesting colanders — the small one is best served for rinsing fruits and veggies while the large one can be used to drain pasta. They both have ergonomic handles and small feet, so they can be placed directly in the sink while draining, and the small colander fits snugly into the larger one. Together, they have a small footprint of 9.25″L x 8.7″W x 5.24″H. They’re both dishwasher-safe, too. You can opt for either green or gray (the color I chose).

Credit: Joseph Joseph

Why I Love the Joseph Joseph Nest Colanders Stackable Set

I love the Joseph Joseph Nesting Colanders set because I now have two colanders, and they take up half of the space that my last, single colander did. I love that they stack neatly into each other and have long handles. I sometimes hang the colanders off of my dish-drying rack when I’m not using them. So, technically, I don’t even need to put them in a kitchen cabinet.

They’re also way more user-friendly. I don’t worry about burning my hands anymore when I drain cooked vegetables or pasta. Unfortunately, I’m not blessed with a dishwasher, but I would definitely appreciate that these are dishwasher safe, otherwise. Anything that makes post-dinner clean-up a little easier!

Plus, this set is a total steal. You can snag the set for only $15 at either Amazon or Bespoke Post.