This Compact yet Mighty Organizer Is the Swiss Army Knife of Key Storage

published Aug 29, 2023
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closeup shot of keys in a cream bowl placed on a brown dresser top
Credit: Photo: Alex Lepe; Prop Styling: Kristina Razon

Keys are a necessary evil. They’ve been known to rip holes in pockets and the liners of expensive purses. They’re hard to squeeze into minimalist crossbody bags or waist packs. Owning enough of them is like carrying your own sleigh bells everywhere you go, but you can’t leave home without them.

Quick Overview

A Quick Look at the KeySmart Compact Key Holder

  • It features a compact, slim design.
  • It can hold up to eight keys.
  • Assembly is easy.
  • You can add on accessories or other tools.

Enter: the KeySmart Compact Key Holder, winner of Key Organizer in the On-the-Go category of Apartment Therapy’s 2023 Organization Awards. This compact yet mighty organizer is the Swiss Army Knife of key storage and a total game-changer. 

The holder stores up to eight standard keys in a slim case that measures a mere 3.46 inches by 0.78 inches. When it’s time to unlock a door, simply slide out the appropriate key — silently, with no jangling! If you own more than eight keys, the holder also comes in a 14-key version, and extenders are available for anyone incredibly flush with keys. 

A looped piece is included to make it easy to attach a vehicle key fob to the organizer, and the lightweight titanium case comes in various fun colors. KeySmart also offers optional accessories, including a multi-tool gadget and pocket knife (of course).

Assembly is straightforward, and you can use a coin instead of a screwdriver with no issue. Be sure to place your most frequently used keys on the outermost sections for easy access, and use the provided spacers to ensure an even stack on both sides of the key holder.

The organization of the keys in a static order makes it easy to find the right key immediately, adding a layer of efficiency and safety to a product that is worth the money just for its space-saving qualities. 

If you’re looking for a useful organizer for yourself or an affordable gift for literally everyone you know (who doesn’t have keys?), the KeySmart Compact Key Holder is a great choice; it’s priced at only $29.99 for the 8-key version. Save your pockets and create more space in your bags with this customizable gem.

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