This Viral Frame Is a Clutter-Free Solution for Displaying Your Kids’ Art

published Nov 17, 2023
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If you have a creative kid, then you also probably have stacks and stacks of their artwork you’ve been meaning to put on display. And even though you’d love to frame all of it, you only have so much wall space. Luckily, there’s a solution for that: a picture frame that opens like a medicine cabinet, so you can store and keep your kid’s artwork on display and easily change out what piece is on display.

It’s the Americanflat front-loading art frame, and it’s $19.99 on Amazon — a reasonable price when you consider how much it costs to frame just one item (and priceless when you think of how happy it’ll make your little budding artist).

“These are my favorite way to display kids’ artwork (because you know how many they bring home from school!),” DeLancey Carson of the DeLancey.DIY Instagram account wrote in a recent caption. “These frames hold up to 100 pages and they can change out the featured picture whenever they want.” Indeed, the nifty frames are causing a stir on Instagram, with commenters sharing how much they love the look and ease of use of the frames (even kids can use it!).

The Americanflat front-loading frames display 8.5” by 11” pages and have elastic straps at the back of the frame that hold any artwork you want to store rather than display. To pop a new piece into the frame, just open the door, remove the cardboard backing piece attached to the frame with metal prongs, slide the artwork in, and replace the cardboard.

Or, you can do as Carson did and replace the cardboard and prongs with sticky tape to make switching out artwork easy for little ones.

These frames come in so many fun colors and are screwed into place with four different anchors so your kid can use them without knocking it from the wall.

Now you can proudly display all of your child’s art easily and without having to buy another house to fill up those walls, too. 

Buy: Americanflat Front Loading Kids Art Frame, $19.99