The 10 Best Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas of 2024, According to Designers

published Jun 20, 2024
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Kitchen with wood cabinets, black tile and countertops, green accents

A kitchen is one of the most utilitarian rooms of any home, but design updates like a beautiful backsplash or expert-approved cabinet color can give the area a much-needed glow-up. If you really want to take your space to the next level, though, it’s important to also consider the smaller details — namely, your kitchen cabinet hardware. 

Sure, it’s easy to write off knobs and pulls as an afterthought, or a purely functional feature. However, the right hardware can be the key factor in creating a kitchen that feels cool, fresh, and personalized. For designers, 2024 is all about those thoughtful, traditional touches.

“There’s a resurgence of classic finishes and living finishes, which gracefully tarnish over time, giving spaces a sense of warmth and character,” says designer Allison Babcock. “The era of pink and rose gold has faded, making way for a renewed appreciation for timeless hardware.”

Fortunately, you don’t need to look far for design inspiration. I rounded up 10 of the very best kitchen cabinet hardware ideas for 2024, from traditional knobs to quirkier takes on the classics.

Credit: Design: Apartment Therapy
Credit: Courtesy of Vani Sayeed Studios

1. Try a Variety of Textured Knobs & Pulls

“Cabinet hardware is like jewelry — it adds a touch of glam and style to a kitchen,” explains Massachusetts-based designer Vani Sayeed. “I like to bring softness to hard-edged kitchen cabinetry by introducing hardware with rounded details.” 

The best way to do this, Sayeed explains, is with thoughtful touches of texture. In this kitchen, she frosted the teal cabinets with crystal knobs, curved-cup pulls, and an intricate trellis pattern on long appliance pulls. “I think this mix of different shapes, sizes, and materials will be pushed further as a design detail later in the year 2024,” she predicts. 

Credit: Rebecca McAlpin

2. Keep the Hardware Discreet

Craving something a bit more modern? Here’s your cue to choose cabinet hardware that blends into the rest of your kitchen. “We selected hardware to keep the focus on the millwork and not compete with the design,” says Kevin Kaminski, architect and partner of Kaminski + Pew. “Polished nickel finger pulls provide great functionality with minimal impact.” Not only does this stealth set reduce visual clutter, but it also places a spotlight on those sleek wooden fronts.

Credit: Nick Glimenakis

3. Opt for Unlacquered Brass

If you want to give your kitchen cabinets a sophisticated touch, why not go for the gold? (Well, technically, unlacquered brass.) “They have this pitting detail that has a true vintage heirloom effect,” designer Tess Twiehaus says of the deVOL hardware she used in this moody space. “The patina over time is stunning!” For an option that’s pretty and practical, Twiehaus recommends opting for thicker knobs and pulls, because going “too light can feel a bit flimsy and poorly made,” she adds.

Credit: Jason Varney

4. Consider Unique Knob & Pull Shapes

Unlacquered brass already oozes a high-end-looking charm, but if you want to take this material (or any metal finish) to the next level, look into unconventional hardware shapes. In this space, Kaminski + Pew selected brass hardware with small knotted details, giving this trendy touch a thoughtful edge. 

Credit: Matt Kisiday

5. Lean into Darker Finishes

Consider going to the dark side with a black, nickel, or brushed pewter hardware finish. Although these shades are considered neutrals, they can create major contrast in an all-white kitchen. New York designer Allison Babcock looks for options with rounded, more classic details, like in this traditional space. “I always go for classic hardware, steering clear of trends,” she explains. “The appeal of classic finishes is always reliable and can stand the test of time.” 

Credit: Charlotte Lea Photography

6. Mix and Match Hardware Metals

Why settle for one kitchen cabinet hardware idea when you can embrace a few? That’s exactly what California-based designer Alexis Vitale did in this light, airy space. “I think of kitchen hardware as one of the final pieces to pull the space together: It’s the frosting on the cake,” she says. “We love to mix metals sometimes, yet keep a more simplistic, sleek approach to the kitchen.” While the minimalist brass knobs on the curved cabinets created an “uncluttered and seamless moment,” Vitale says the additional black pulls also gave extra sleekness and sophistication.

Credit: Dazey Den

7. Find Fluted Fixtures

Just because the design pendulum is swinging back toward traditional doesn’t mean you need to conceal your bold streak. For the perfect mix of classic and eye-catching, try fun, intricately detailed knobs in a timeless, goes-with-anything brass. “Switching out your knobs and drawer pulls is such an easy way to elevate a space,” says Dani Nagel, owner and designer of Dazey LA and Dazey Den. “I love choosing artful and decorative handles that tell a story and make a statement.”

Credit: Emily Followill

8. Go Geometric

In case you missed it, traditional kitchen cabinet hardware doesn’t have to feel boring — just look at this space from Atelier Davis. Here, Atlanta-based designer Jessica Davis used Nest Studio’s DECO – 5.5S hardware, rounded pulls that have a major Art Deco draw to them. The result? A vintage-inspired cabinet idea that can look just as striking in modern kitchens as it does in more classic spaces.

Credit: Janis Nicolay Images

9. Bring Back Backplates

If you want to add some oomph to your kitchen hardware, you might have to call in some backup — literally. “Adding backplates to contemporary hardware [can] enhance the size and scale of knobs and pulls,” says Trish Knight, co-founder of Knight Varga Interiors. “In the past, this level of details was reserved for more traditional styles, but we now have options in contemporary styles as well.” Since most pulls don’t have backplates, this extra material will make the hardware your kitchen’s focal point. 

Credit: Sarah Elliott

10. Add a Luxurious Touch with Leather Pulls

Metals might seem like an obvious choice for the best kitchen cabinet hardware of 2024, but for a thought-provoking alternative, try your luck with leather pulls. Whether you see it on an armchair or a snugly sectional, leather has a timeless quality that always manages to transcend time and trends. When used on your kitchen cabinets, the material feels classic, casual, and incredibly cool, as seen in this kitchen designed by Raychel Wade.