20 Kitchen and Bathroom Backsplash Ideas That’ll Seriously Inspire You

updated Aug 7, 2023
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Credit: Viv Yapp

When it comes to backsplashes, there are options beyond options — neutral options, colorful options, clean options, and bold options, not to mention the tile layout. Not sure where to start or what look makes the most sense in your space? Check out some of our favorite bathroom and kitchen backsplash ideas below.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

1. Grey and White Chic

This airy kitchen incorporates a clean white subway tile backsplash that spans the entire height of the wall. Gray cabinetry with a natural-tone wooden countertop pulls the look together.

2. White on White

This owner chose to employ a uniform look on the backsplash, matching white subway tile with white cabinetry. But, the funky green cabinet color pops against the neutral backdrop.

Credit: Minette Hand

3. Gray Grout

White subway tile looks amazing with gray grout, which is seen here juxtaposed against elegant navy cabinet paint. Open shelves artfully display a collection of items, both functional and beautiful.

4. Forest Green Tile

The expansive deep green tile in this kitchen works well with the light wood of the surrounding drawers and lower cabinets. However, the tile isn’t used behind the open shelving above the stove, giving it a chance to shine in the kitchen.

5. Dramatic Patterns

A busy tile, like the one shown here, calls for an otherwise neutral palette. This homeowner chose wisely, incorporating white cabinets, light countertops, and white paint framing the kitchen window.

6. Mermaid-Inspired

This clever tile pattern gives total mermaid vibes to this kitchen backsplash. The serene collection of blue hues makes the space look light and airy.

7. Penny Tiles

Light gray penny tiles aren’t a typical choice for a kitchen backsplash, but you have to admit — it totally works in this space! A subtle, but matching, gray paint is used between and above the open shelving for a cohesive look.

8. Chevron Pattern

This homeowner has incorporated a minimalist look, with all the visual interest coming in the form of chevron-patterned white subway tile, which they’ve installed to the cabinet line for a clean aesthetic.

Credit: Viv Yapp

9. Stairstep Pattern

This white subway tile extends boldly to the ceiling, dropping down in a stair step pattern that looks super cool. Items on the shelves, like bright green houseplants and a clock, break up an otherwise uniform look for dramatic effect.

Credit: Lana Kenney

10. Metal on Metal

Save on materials when you use the same material for both the countertop and the backsplash. It creates a clean, industrial look that leads to easy clean-up after cooking. What’s more, the light bouncing off the metal backsplash makes the space look brighter; a great option for a small kitchen.

11. Bronzed Beauty

The bronze metal backsplash shown here lends a dramatic look to this kitchen, expertly matching with the dramatic stone countertop.

12. Peel-and-Stick Tile

A grout tile project takes a lot of time and patience. But you can also customize your space — and stick to a smaller budget — with stick-on tiles. White peel-and-stick tile is a simple but effective upgrade for this small kitchen. It adds a touch of modern essence to the mid-century cabinetry.

Credit: Anna Spaller

13. Patterned Wallpaper

Of course, a kitchen backsplash doesn’t have to be tile. Wallpaper makes a great option, especially if you’re renting and can’t install tile. We love this dramatic floral pattern, which incorporates deep greens with pretty purples and yellows.

Credit: Anik Polo

14. Dark Paint

Another option? “Create” a backsplash with paint! This beautiful green hue was used half-way up the wall, which gives the same vibe as a backsplash without having to install tile. Even the light fixture and a pipe are painted the same to prevent having these items stand out.

15. Patterned Tile With Silver

Adding a customized backsplash just over the stove area is another way to make your kitchen pop. (Plus, you’ll probably be able to spend less time and money on it than you would by installing a backsplash for an entire kitchen.) This heavily patterned and mismatched tile might be overwhelming if not done correctly, but the way it’s incorporated with stainless steel appliances, black countertops, and white cabinetry is simply stunning.

16. Simple Yet Functional

A simple metal backsplash makes for easy clean-up when installed behind a stove. Another option? Cover it with chalk paint and use the space for notes, recipes or words of encouragement.

17. Hexagonal Tiles

When it comes to installing a backsplash behind your stove, a uniform look keeps the space open, without appearing cramped or cluttered. These white hexagonal tiles are the perfect backdrop for this white stove, which rests atop white countertops for a clean look.

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

While you’re upgrading your kitchen, don’t forget about the loo! Here are some of our favorite bathroom backsplash ideas.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

18. Blue Backsplash

Though only used on a small wall section, this happy blue backsplash adds a great deal of dramatic effect to this otherwise basic bathroom.

19. A Touch of Yellow

Tiny yellow tiles are the perfect way to incorporate a bit of visual interest to the space between the sink and the mirror. There’s even a ledge to place soap, lotions and a toothbrush holder.

20. Floor-to-Ceiling Tiles

These glass tiles feature the tiniest hint of blue for a clean aesthetic. They’re perfectly aligned with a light-hued grout for an easy-to-clean bathroom backsplash.