These Innovative Sheets Solved One of My Most Annoying Bedding Problems — and They’re on Sale

updated Aug 31, 2021
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Credit: Kitelinens

Have I ever been accused of hogging the covers? Maybe… okay yes. I tend to be what some might call a violent sleeper, though I’m rebranding this characterization to active. Sometimes I’ll wake up in the morning with my pillows at the foot of the bed, my blanket and top sheet tangled on the floor, and — worst of all — half of my mattress exposed after I pulled off the fitted sheet in the midst of a dream. In the pre-internet days, my catalog-shopping mother would buy me all of the gadgets that promised to remedy the problem: hooks on the sides of the sheets, clips on the corners, straps under the mattress. Some didn’t work, others broke easily, and I was always left to completely remake the bed throughout the week. I can think of a list of 1,000 other things I’d rather spend my time doing.

So when I had the chance to try Kitelinens, the female-owned, direct-to-consumer brand that advertises as “Sheets that Never Come Untucked,” I immediately said yes. I’ll fill you in on the details below, but (spoiler alert) I am thrilled to report that, yes, they really do work! Even better? They’re 15 percent off now through September 7 as part of the brand’s Labor Day sale.

The Kitelinens set comes with four pieces: two sheets and two pillowcases. The bottom sheet is similar to most other fitted ones, but the top sheet has a hybrid design that keeps it in place no matter how, ahem, actively you sleep. The two corners at the foot of the top sheet are made with elastic, just like the corners of the fitted sheet but deeper. So all you need to do is tuck them around the bottom of the mattress, and both layers will stay in place.

Now, if you’re a Seinfeld fan, you know that people are very particular when it comes to the feeling of trapped toes in bed. And that’s where the true genius of Kitelinens comes in. A slit on either side of the top sheet allows the sides to hang loose while the corners remain tucked. Are you paying attention, hot sleepers? That means you don’t have to kick apart your whole bed to give your feet some air. The top sheet also has a little bit of extra length to make sure you can still adequately snuggle with your partner or pull the sheets up high on cold nights.

And while the plastic doo-dads that my mom bought me are likely sitting in a landfill right now, Kitelinens is committed to using natural, sustainable materials and processes. The sheets are made from organic cotton that is sourced and produced using environmentally and socially responsible practices. (In fact, the company partners with the Better Cotton Initiative, an organization that makes global cotton production better for both the people who produce it and the environment.) The result is a 300-thread-count bedding set that feels soft yet crisp. Currently, Kitelinens sheets are only available in white, but be on the lookout this fall for five new colors, including charcoal gray and navy.

I’ve been using Kitelinens for a few months now. The only time I have to re-make the entire bed is on laundry day (imagine that!), and waking up to an exposed mattress is a problem of the past. Every morning, I find an edge of the top sheet, pull it back into place, and the comforter comes along with it. Then I throw the pillows back where they belong, and I’m good to go. Now to get started on that list of 1,000 things …