The $3 Tool That Gets Rid of All the Grime and Leaves Surfaces Spotless

published Aug 24, 2023
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White kitchen sink with gray cabinets, white countertops, rustic wood-framed window

Anyone can tell you that while a good cleaning solution can make all the difference in your routine, so does the tool you use to actually do the cleaning. Paper towels don’t always cut it — in addition to racking up tons of waste, they’re pretty flimsy and don’t always wipe away tough grime and messes. Plus, you can forget about getting into hard-to-reach areas. That’s why rags, brushes, and sponges are our go-tos, and we’ve tested out tons of them to get to the bottom of which ones are worth your money and truly get the job done. 

From microfiber cleaning cloths to electric spin scrubbers — both of which you should check out if you have yet to ditch paper towels — we thought that we’d seen just about every kind of cleaning brush on the market, but we were wrong. We just found a brush that can get into narrow spaces in every room of the house, from the grout between tiles in the bathroom to the dryer vent. It’ll have you ditching the toothbrush method in no time! Read on for why the Koxuky Crevice Cleaning Brush is your next cleaning superhero.

What is the Koxuky Crevice Cleaning Brush? 

The best part of this cleaning brush has to be its narrow shape that can get into any hard-to-reach area, including small cracks, corners, and gaps that no other product can get to — and we all know there’s plenty of those in every house. Windows, sink faucets, in between tiles, the oven, and even the dryer vent are all fair game (though I’m sure there’s more spaces I haven’t thought of), and trust me, you’ll be shocked at how much dirt those areas collect. 

As for its construction, the brush has incredibly dense bristles that’ll hold up no matter how hard you need to scrub at something, and to make the process even smoother, it has an ergonomic handle that makes it comfortable to hold for long periods of time. There’s even a small hole towards the end of the handle, so you can hang it off a hook or nail whenever you’re done cleaning. Speaking of when you wrap up your cleaning for the day — the bristles are easy to clean off. Just run it under the sink and voila!

Credit: Amazon

What Amazon Reviewers are Saying

Average Rating: 4.6/5

“There are two features of these brushes that I like. The bristles are hard and can cut through grime easily, even with little water or cleaning solution. The second feature is that the configuration is thin, allowing the brush to reach into grooves or other crevices.” – Paul Ventura

“I really like this brush, it’s perfect to get in all those little things that are hard to scrub like the kitchen or bathroom faucets. It worked great on my kitchen strainer too get all the gunk out of the holes. I used to use old toothbrushes but these are firm bristles that don’t scratch and hold their shape.” – Kindle Customer

“I love how you can get in close on the crevices and hard to get or reach areas. The bristles are firm and durable, very stiff. The part that holds the bristles is metal and very firm, doesn’t move and has a nice firm handle for scrubbing.” – Mom’s Opinion

No toothbrush will give you as deep of a clean as this Crevice Cleaning Brush — and at only $9.99 for a set of three, it’s nearly as cheap, too. You definitely need to add this bad boy to your cleaning arsenal ASAP!