The Powerful Mini Desk Fan That’s Getting Me Through Summer in the South

published Aug 24, 2021
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Though we’re approaching the transition into fall, many of us still have lots of warm days ahead of us. Here in the South, we get a mixed bag of temperatures well into winter. It’s nice to not rely on A/C to cool down the house and save money on bills, but chillier days don’t always mean I won’t break a sweat.

I have fans suited for all kinds of situations: Portable fans for travel and the outdoors, 2-in-1 rechargeable fans that can be docked at home or taken to-go, and even a pocket-sized misting fan for fun-filled days at amusement parks. (Remember those?) The fan I’ve used the most this summer, however, doesn’t run on batteries at all. It’s a USB-powered mini desk fan by Lasko that I can plug right into my computer when I need a burst of cool air.

The Lasko MyCool desk fan is a handy little gadget that packs more power than it seems. It only has two fan speeds, so there’s no need to cycle through many settings to turn it on and off. The fan rotates nearly 360 degrees so the airflow can be directed where needed, whether I’m sitting higher or lower than the device. I live in an upstairs apartment and make more than a few trips per day for packages, to run errands, take out the trash, and more. The only time I use the high setting on the fan is after carrying a stack of boxes while awkwardly barging through my front door, hot and out of breath. The MyCool fan releases air that’s refreshingly crisp, but it can quickly get too cold once my body has cooled down from the rush. The low setting is strong enough for a constant and comfortable flow, so I usually keep it there.

I primarily use the USB cord as a power source, but the fan also comes with an AC adapter to plug into the wall. Regardless of the method used to turn it on, it’s best to use the Lasko MyCool desk fan while sitting in one place because it doesn’t rotate, nor is the air distributed to a large area. Leaning too far to the right or left will take you out of the path of air since it’s concentrated to one space. Fortunately, it’s very light, so it doesn’t have to stay on your desk. I carry it around my apartment and have used it in my home office, at the dining table if I’m working there, and have even placed it on my coffee table on more than one occasion. It also has its own base, so if you’re in the car or not using it on a perfectly flat surface, it can still support itself. What this handy mini fan lacks in breadth, it makes up for in power, convenience, and portability.