These 6 Hacks Make Laundry Day Much Less of a Chore

updated Jan 16, 2020
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(Image credit: Marisa Vitale)

Doing laundry is total drudgery. Whether you’re fretting over your delicates, fighting with the ironing board, or losing socks behind the machines, the challenges are tedious and seemingly endless. Making a few changes to the setup and organization of your laundry room can certainly help make washing and drying clothes feel like less of a chore. Here are some of the best changes people have made to their setups to become more efficient.

Mount a Drying Rod: Accordion racks are sometimes so not worth the hassle. Just stick delicate items right on their hangers and leave them to dry in your laundry room overnight, as seen in this beautiful example from Emily Henderson Designs.

(Image credit: The Definery Co.)

Add a Shelf Behind Your Washer and Dryer: There’s nothing worse than losing a sock behind the machines, except for maybe having to look at those ugly pipes crowded behind your washer and dryer. A shelf, like this one from The Definery Co., will not only beautify your laundry room, but it will also provide you with some much-needed workspace and storage.

(Image credit: A Crafty Fox)

Make a Tabletop Ironing Board: Personally, I would rather walk around looking like a rumpled mess than iron my clothing. I would definitely reconsider my standpoint if I had a board that can easily tuck between the machines when it’s not in use. Learn how to make this one from The Crafty Fox.

(Image credit: Jenna Sue Designs)

Install Floating Shelves: Floating shelves will feel less heavy than cabinets in a small laundry room like this one from Jenna Sue Designs. And they are a lot easier to access and keep organized. Hide supplies in baskets or decant them into pretty glass jars.

(Image credit: Yellow Brick Home)

Stack the Machines: This update from Yellow Brick Home is a bit of a heavier lift than the others, but is so worth it. Not only will stacking your machines free up floor space in a tiny laundry room, but it will also make moving wet clothing from one machine to the other (without spilling them all over the floor) so much easier.

(Image credit: Sincerely Sara D.)

Add a Storage Wall: Pegboard is, in my humble opinion, the best thing that has ever happened to organization. You don’t need an entire closet to store your supplies when you can hang them right on the wall. Sincerely Sara D. shows how easy it is to install one.