This Huge Lavender Labyrinth Is Designed for a Meditative Stroll

updated Jun 15, 2020
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A walk through nature can make you feel a little calmer and more connected to yourself in the moment. That’s the idea behind Cherry Point Farm & Market’s lavender labyrinth, where you can walk in a long spiral, surrounded by the relaxing sight and fragrance of lavender.

The labyrinth, located in Shelby, Michigan, is not like a Halloween corn maze. There’s only one path to choose, and the point is not to solve a puzzle but to take a meditative walk. 

Sadly, much of the lavender was wiped out during the 2019 Polar Vortex, but the farm began replanting last spring and expects the labyrinth to return to its full glory within a couple of years. In the meantime, you can still visit and experience the labyrinth during its period of regrowth.

According to Cherry Point Farm & Market’s website, the space was “designed in accordance with the principles of sacred geometry.” Each of its elements represents a unit of time: one stone circle for the year, 12 interlocking circles for the months, 52 arbor posts for the weeks, and seven cross pieces for the days of the week.

The result is 48 garden beds and an overall size big enough that you can see the labyrinth from Google Earth, according to HouseBeautiful.

“In recent years, labyrinths have undergone a dramatic revival as a meditation, relaxation, and spiritual tool,” reads the Cherry Point Farm & Market’s website. The lavender labyrinth is meant to enable the visitor to go on a spiritual journey, symbolic of their path through life.

Both the labyrinth and the farm’s herb garden are free to walk through. You can find more information here.