This $16 Game-Changing Organizer Frees Up So Much Space for Storing T-Shirts and Leggings

updated Oct 26, 2023
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I’ve always had the hardest time trying to figure out how to store my workout clothes in my closet. If I stack a bunch of shirts, leggings, running sweatshirts, and shorts on a shelf, I won’t be able to see what I’m grabbing and I’ll pull it down off the shelf in a moment of frustration — leaving all of my clothes on my bed. So when an AT editor stumbled upon this innovative organizer, I knew that I wanted to try it. Note: I haven’t gotten to try this yet, but it will definitely be in my next Amazon order.

Instead of storing everything in drawers, this organizer is encouraging everyone to think vertically. The hanging storage attaches to the rod in your closet via a strap. It also comes with two hooks, so you could hang it on the back of your door. There are 24 plastic pockets that can fit 24 pairs of leggings — yes, it’s time to admit to yourself that you have more than 20. But if you are not a leggings addict, don’t fret. You can also fit T-shirts, shorts, and even long-sleeves in this hanging handy accessory. Reviewers say that this is basically the organizer version of Mary Poppins’s carpetbag.

“I had plenty of room for three yoga pants or gym shorts in each slot!” An Amazon reviewer wrote, “A lot larger than I thought it would be! It definitely cleaned out two of my drawers and gave me a lot more space!”

This is great news for anyone who has struggled to find space for more clothes in their less-than-spacious apartment closets. Plus, at just $16, this organizer is budget-friendly. As much as I love organizers, they can sometimes be surprisingly pricey.

“I think I might get another one,” another reviewer wrote. “My husband has an abundance of T-shirts, and this has saved us so much room in the closet and drawers, as we have limited space. I might get another for my pants. The pockets are a little bigger than I expected, so I put more than one thinner material shirt in a few of them.”

if you don’t mind me, I’ll be dreaming about all of my new shelf space.