This “Delightful” DIY LEGO Key Holder Will Make Your Entryway Look Super Cute

published May 10, 2024
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If there’s one thing I desperately need in my life, it’s a key holder. I keep my keys in my purse, which I hang in my hall closet — but while it ensures I almost never forget my keys, it’s not exactly a stylish or smart way to hang keys

Of course, what I really need is a key holder — and I stumbled upon the cutest DIY one recently. It’s easy, affordable, and best of all, it uses LEGOs. 

How to Build a Lego Key Holder

This hack comes to us courtesy of artist Alfred Sempel (@alfredsempel) on Instagram. As he shows, all you need to build this LEGO key holder are two simple things — a 32-stud LEGO baseplate and a picture frame that fits it. 

You can find the blue 32-stud baseplate on Amazon for $6.88, which measures at a little larger than 10×12, according to the specs listed. Pair it with a $10 11×13-inch frame to make sure everything fits, remove the glass in front, and voilà — you have your very own LEGO key holder. 

You can also buy the baseplate directly off the LEGO website or from Target if you want to opt for different colors. If you’d prefer a smaller or larger key holder, pick the number of studs for your baseplate accordingly — just make sure you check the specs to ensure your frame is a good fit. 

Keep in mind that to hang keys off this key holder, you’ll have to add LEGO key chains to all your keys. These are not as easily available on other websites, and you want to make sure they snap onto the key holder, so I’d suggest buying them directly from the LEGO website. You can get the red key chain or blue key chain for $5.99, or a green key chain for a discounted rate of $3.59. Make sure you search for “LEGO brick key chains” to pull up any other color options — while the LEGO character key chains are cute, they won’t snap onto your key holder. 

If the key holder reignites your love of LEGOs, it might be time to truly bring it into your home by checking out the LEGO coffee table!