Lidl Is Selling $7 Croton Plants Just in Time for Fall

published Aug 23, 2023
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If you have “buy fall plants” on your grocery list bingo card, you’re going to need to beeline it to Lidl ASAP. On major sale in the retailer’s weekly circular from Aug. 23 through Aug. 29, Lidl is selling croton plants for $6.99, and it’s a deal so good they probably won’t last long.

Sold in 6-inch pots, the humidity-loving plant typically features beautiful yellow, gold, red, and orange striations in its leaves, which make the plant all the more special — no two look alike. Most often you can find the plants either outside of the store or right inside the retailer’s doors, just ahead of the fruits and vegetables.

If you’re eager to add a colorful houseplant to your indoor collection, act fast — Lidl’s extremely low prices mean the retailer often sells out faster than it can keep items in stock. Coupled with the fact that crotons typically sell for upwards of $25, you won’t score a better deal for a more gorgeous plant.

The houseplant, known for being a bit finicky if you aren’t fully prepped to care for it, would look gorgeous in any space (big or small!), and will survive, with the right kind of TLC, year-round. 

Codiaeum variegatum, best known as variegated croton, are evergreen plants native to Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other Pacific Ocean islands. And while it does prefer a more humid-inspired environment to really take off, caring for croton plants isn’t impossible if you live in cooler climates or experience cooler temps with the changing seasons. 

You should keep your crotons in warmer rooms (like kitchens, bathrooms, or any well-insulated space) with ample access to bright light. The light-loving plant flourishes in temperatures kept at roughly 70°F; keeping your plant in a drafty space or far from direct sunlight could cause it to lose its colorful leaves or get “leggy,” which means the stems are growing steadily but the leaves are not.

Crotons typically grow across a spectrum of different shapes, patterns, and colors, and prefer to be fertilized once a month (an all-purpose fertilizer works great in this instance) with evenly moist soil.