Line Art Is the Trend Minimalists (and Wannabe Minimalists) Need to Know

published Mar 12, 2019
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(Image credit: Jessica Drogosz)

Line art is taking over home design, one line at a time. Influenced by the line drawings of Matisse and Picasso, these art pieces create faces and bodies using fluid lines. They embrace simplicity and empty space, bringing minimalism to the art world. The line art pieces are made with clean, bold lines and no shading, and while traditionally most of the art is done on a white background with black paint, there have been interesting expansions on the idea.

Artists and ceramicists are playing with colors, bringing bold shades and clashing color wheels to people who prefer a louder approach to their decor. The minimalist versions are great when you want to bring more Spartan pieces into a busy gallery wall, or if your room enjoys a white color scheme. The maximalist pieces bring an energetic and creative pop into the room, allowing you to clash colors and mix patterns. There’s no wrong way to do it. You can find line art everywhere from ceramics, to pillow cases, to wall art, bringing a statement to your home. Check out some picks below.

1. Line Sketch

This visage sketch is made by Parisian artist Quibe, who uses a single line to create his simple pieces. The two faces blend into each other, and the thin lines give it a sketch-like quality.

2. Monstera Line Curtains

Line art doesn’t need to only be found in prints! Bring the trend into the bathroom in the shape of a shower curtain. This Monstera leaf design would be just the thing for a black-and-white washroom, or a nice calming piece for a colorful, pattern-heavy space. You can also get this same design as a bath mat or hand towels at Society6.

3. Bold Line Curtain

Take things even further with this eye-catching shower curtain. It shows how versatile line art can be. Rather than taking a modest approach with thin lines and a black-and-white color scheme, this curtain brings in a burst of color and heavy brushstrokes.

4. Line Drawing Duvet Covers

Line drawing can also extend to your bedding in the form of minimalist duvet covers. Hop over to Deny Designs to also choose abstract pillowcases and comforters.

5. One-Line Drawings

This abstract knot piece is simple in its execution, but it has a bold presence thanks to its use of thick black lines. The knot twists and turns, making it feel hectic, but its surrounding negative space soothes. Weave it into a gallery wall or let it be a standalone piece above a couch or leaning against the wall on a credenza.

6. Abstract Ceramic Vase

Vase N.15, $110 (Image credit: LRNCE)

Line art takes a different form in this Picasso-esque vase. Handmade in Marrakech, Morocco, this terracotta clay vase features a lopsided face made out of flowing brush lines and conceptual shapes.

7. Line Work Pillows

AIN, $84.30 (Image credit: LRNCE)

Bring line art to your sectionals and beds with the help of embroidery. This handwoven wool pillowcase adds a splash of modern art and color to any room design. Its use of white negative space allows the subtle colors and playful shapes to take center stage.

8. Lover Series Sketch

If you’ve been searching for a simple but fluid sketch to add to your gallery collection, this lover series sketch is a great pick. Part of a limited edition and signed and numbered by the artist, Carly Kuhn uses three colors and overlapping lines to add some dimension to the piece.

9. Maximalist Wallpaper

(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)

Line drawing can take the form of maximalist wallpaper, as Mila Moraga-Holz shows in her home tour. Having a minimal budget for her decorating, she chose to invest in large-scale murals to bring an instant pop to her family’s rooms. Mila actually hand-painted this impressive mural herself!

10. Thin Line Wallpaper

(Image credit: Jessica Drogosz)

If you’re not talented with a paint brush, then buying line art wallpaper is always an option. Natalie Papier shows how bold of a statement it can make when it covers a room. In her house tour, Natalie revealed that the “hands” wallpaper in her bedroom is from Pottock, and it creates quite the creative background for her furniture and knick-knacks.