Add This Little Debbie-Themed Park to Your Summer Road Trip Itinerary

published Jul 16, 2023
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little debbie hudsonville ice cream collaboration
Credit: Little Debbie

If your childhood consisted of snacking on Little Debbie treats, a new park in Tennessee that recently opened up might pique your interest ahead of a summertime road trip

The Little Debbie Park was recently unveiled in Collegedale, Tennessee, and it looks as tasty as it sounds. Located near Chattanooga, Tennessee, the 10-acre park is a collaboration between McKee Foods and the city of Collegedale. While walking through the park, you’ll be greeted by Little Debbie herself (well, a life-sized bronze statue of her) with a plate of Swiss Rolls.

If you’re able to visit the park, you’re in for a sweet treat. To stay true to its name, the iconic Little Debbie cakes are placed throughout the park, but they’re a bit bigger than you’d be used to. The gigantic Oatmeal Cream Pie might just be the star of the park … until you take a look at the Cosmic Brownie and its colorful candies. Keep walking through the park, and you’ll see Nutty Buddy Bars and, of course, a Christmas Tree Cake.

According to The Takeout, the inspiration behind the gigantic snacks derived from the 1989 comedy Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, after two McKee family members “wanted the park to include fun, creative elements.” After a brainstorming session, the Oatmeal Creme Pie scene in the film led to the McKee family having an idea to offer children a similar delightful feeling while exploring the park’s oversized treats.

On Google Reviews, the park has already received stellar reviews for its non-sugary additions: a playground, zipline, set of adult-sized swings for parents, picnic tables, and a large and small pavilion to rest after your Little Debbie sugar intake. 

When you’re planning out your end-of-the-summer road trip through Tennessee, be sure to add Collegedale to your itinerary and take a bite (not literally) out of the park!