3 Little Luxuries Home Stagers Always Incorporate into Bedrooms

published Jun 6, 2023
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Credit: Erin Derby

Among all the rooms in a house, the bedroom holds a special place as a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. As such, it’s all the more important for home stagers to create an inviting and luxurious atmosphere there. 

By incorporating high-quality bedding, adding thoughtful accessories, and creating a clever room-within-a-room, stagers can transform a bedroom into a space that feels inviting, sophisticated, and worthy of admiration. So, whether you’re staging your own home or simply looking for inspiration to enhance your bedroom, remember that the little things often make the biggest difference.

High-Quality Bedding

Bedding is one of the first elements home stagers focus on when transforming a bedroom. 

“A luxurious bed is the foundation of any bedroom, so it’s important to invest in high-quality bedding,” says Barbara Oldham, a certified home stager in Northeast Kansas, with The Inspired Home by B. “Choose a bed frame that is made from solid wood or metal, and opt for luxurious bedding like Egyptian cotton sheets, down comforters, and plush pillows,” she adds. 

Danielle Hames, a Houston-based home stager with pre-sale home renovation company Freemodel, recommends white bedding “for a luxurious feel” and is a big fan of waffle-weave, which is wrinkle-resistant.

Thoughtful Accessories

To elevate the bedroom’s appeal, most home stagers we spoke to emphasized the importance of filling a room with thoughtful accessories, like artwork, elegant vases, or scented candles strategically placed throughout the room. 

“Choose accessories that reflect your personal style, and make sure to use them in moderation,” says Oldham. “You could add a throw blanket to the end of the bed or place a vase of flowers on a nightstand.” (Hames is a big fan of a nice, good-quality tray on the bed.)

Accessories can also help create a cohesive theme or color scheme, adding visual interest and a sense of refinement to a space. By choosing accessories wisely, home stagers infuse personality into the room while keeping it sophisticated and appealing to a wide range of potential buyers. But if you can’t splurge on new decor, simply clearing clutter from nightstands always makes a huge difference, too, says Hames. “Keep the tops clear for centered, appropriately scaled lamps and one or two nice accessories for each,” she recommends. 

A New Seating Area

Consider adding a new seating area to your bedroom, depending on the space you’re working with. 

“When space allows, we love incorporating pairs of sumptuous armchairs to showcase the scale of the bedroom and create a tranquil, private relaxation or reading area,” says Andrew Bowen, partner and head of staging at Ash Staging.

Monica Rivas, a professional stager at Enliven Interiors, always adds an additional seating area to bedrooms she stages, whether it’s a small bench or a corner reading chair. “This approach creates third-layer decor and gives you the opportunity to introduce textures and patterns with a grand suite feel and extra seating,” Rivas says.

Plus, by adding the accessories mentioned above, like a stack of books, a candle, or a plant, you can create a relaxing nook. “Get creative with what feels like luxury to you!” Hames says.