8 Little Luxuries Under $10 That Can Make Even Non-Morning People Enjoy Mornings

published Apr 20, 2023
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Credit: Photos: IKEA, Target, Ulta; Design: Apartment Therapy

I wouldn’t consider myself a morning person in the slightest. In fact, my usual bedtime is between 1 and 2 a.m., so I’m never a fan of waking up early or doing too much as soon as the sun is up. I do, however, look forward to certain products, treats, and routines that make mornings not only bearable, but even enjoyable. I use at least one of these little luxuries every morning, whether I’m rising extra early for a day of errands or waking up at noon. Best of all, they’re all under $10 and still manage to make me feel pampered and ready to start my day. 

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When I go to sleep late and have to wake up early, my biggest concerns are the bags under my eyes. I keep these eye gels in the fridge to keep them cool so they feel extra uplifting and refreshing when I put them on in the morning. I love that these have safe-yet-effective ingredients (like caffeine and collagen) and are cruelty-free. I also use the rosé versions with hyaluronic acid for when I need extra hydration in the morning.

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I can’t stand being barefoot, especially in the mornings when the cement floor in my apartment is extra cold. While I usually wear Crocs throughout the day, I put on these cozy slippers when I wake up to keep my feet warm as I am preparing my morning matcha and yogurt bowl for breakfast. I like the slip-resistant grippers, cushioned insoles, and soft fleece material. Plus, they’re available in a few fun patterns.

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World Market

Whether I’m drinking coffee or tea, I like my morning beverages to stay hot for a while. This whimsical lidded ceramic mug is not only functional for trapping heat, but it’s also incredibly cute and makes me smile every time I use it. The mug itself has a ribbed texture, so it’s great for those who prefer to romanticize their life and warm their palms by holding their cup with both hands. The lids come in four colors: red, green, or yellow with white spots, and a brown gradient (my personal favorite), so your morning mug can match multiple color schemes.

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Because I grew up Latina, instant coffee is an integral part of my food culture (day or night!). Both sides of my family always had Nescafé or Café Bustelo stocked, so these Café Bustelo single-serve packets satisfy my morning caffeine craving and my nostalgia. I always add a little splash of milk to this rich dark roast and with that, I’m ready to take on any type of morning.

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Urban Outfitters
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Because I don’t love waking up to the light of the sun, I have blackout curtains AND wear an eye mask to sleep. In the mornings, I turn on a string of warm twinkle lights that are wrapped around my bed’s metal headboard. They don’t overwhelm me with brightness and make it easier and more comfortable for me to open my eyes each morning.

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Once I’ve actually woken up and I’m ready to open the curtains, I love watching the rays sparkle through this hanging crystal sun catcher. Even when the weather is gray and cloudy, this charming light catcher helps make every morning feel magical so I can start my day in a good mood. It’s also small and dainty enough to hang from a car’s rearview mirror.

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Once or twice a week, my husband and I like to indulge in some lox bagels or acai bowls for breakfast from our favorite local breakfast spots. We take turns waking up a little earlier than usual to walk across the street to pick up our food, and this convenient canvas bag is perfect for transporting any pastries, breakfast sandwiches, or smoothie bowls. As a bonus, we can avoid using the shop’s plastic bag and opt for our more sustainable option.

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DW Home

I love lighting candles in the early morning and at night as a way to mark the start and end of my day. For spring and summer mornings, I love this DW Home Pineapple Daisy Candle that smells like being in a meadow on a sunny day. It instantly lifts my mood and helps me feel motivated to get some work done or get an early start on chores. The medium single wick is great for my bedroom, while the large double wick is perfect for my open-concept living room and kitchen.