This Calculator Will Recommend the Best Houseplants For You

published Aug 6, 2022
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For new plant parents, it can be struggle to choose just the right plant. There’s plenty of factors to take into consideration, including how easy it is to keep alive, how big it will grow, and whether it’s safe for your furry friends.

To help combat all of the above, Lively Root has developed an innovative new calculator—dubbed the “Jungle Calculator“—to help prospective plant owners to decide on the best greenery for them.

I tested out the calculator myself to help me discover my own “jungle” and whether it’s a combo that will suit my tastes. I opted for plants for my bedroom, before selecting the space size—I have a super small bedroom, so I selected “under 100 sq. ft.”, but there are options for rooms that are up to 800 sq. ft. and larger.

Next, the pet option. While I don’t have a four-legged friend myself, my sibling’s pup often comes to visit, so I chose “yes” to be on the safe side. The results? A pet-friendly plant bundle that’s not only easy to care for, each style complements the other, making for a stylish selection to brighten up my bedroom.

Credit: Lively Root

Once you receive your tailored bundle results, you can choose from four different sizes, depending on how green you want your space to be. You won’t know the type of plants you’re going to get beforehand, but each one is easy to care for and will bring charm and personality to any room. As I live in a small space, I was recommended the Tiny Jungle, consisting of two small pet-friendly plants and two medium pet-friendly plants. The Tiny Jungle bundle is priced at $149, meaning a saving of around $25 than if the plants were bought separately. Prices of the bundles vary depending on size, but there’s always a saving to be made.

Other bundle sizes include the Urban Jungle (two small, two medium, and two extra large), The Amazon (four small, four medium, and two extra large), and the Jungle Book (four small, four medium, and four extra large.)