This Living Wall Is The Most Gorgeous Soundproofing Option We’ve Seen

published Jul 13, 2018
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Belgian company BuzziSpace teamed up with American designer Cory Grosser to create a nature-inspired solution to noise reduction.

Trying to soundproof your space so that it’s completely devoid of noise can be rather tricky, but outside-the-box thinking led Cory Grosser + Associates to using preserved reindeer moss as a main material for his series of geometric framed wall panels.

Dubbed BuzziMood, the acoustical wall panels can be arranged into various patterns to reflect individual design aesthetic. They’re made from metal and coated in powder and are available in seven geometric shapes and sizes, as well as two shades of moss.

The greenery serves as a natural noise absorber and is a low-maintenance option that requires no watering, adding to the overall appeal of the lush living wall.

Another positive aspect of the green, noise-canceling framed panels is their naturally calming properties. As Interiors and Sources points out, “greenery in contract environments has been shown to improve employee happiness and wellbeing,” making BuzziMood an ideal addition to neutralize the oftentimes distracting atmosphere of busy workspaces.

The botanical noise buffers are one of BuzziSpace’s many innovative acoustic options for office spaces. Among their other selections are the BuzziDesk, a desk divider screen that maximizes privacy and reduces noises from nearby telephones and computers while also eliminating desk clutter; BuzziGrid, a sound buffer that hangs from the ceiling and reduces echo in large spaces such as meeting rooms and lobbies; and BuzziBack, a customizable, colorful wall or cabinet panel that doubles as an sound absorption screen and a pin board.

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