Here’s Why Your Living Room’s Best Accent Chair Belongs in Your Bedroom

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We’re going to let you in on a little secret: Your living room’s best accent chair—or something just like it—might be better off in your bedroom. Why? Well, not only do accent chairs give you another place to play with color, pattern, and texture, but they’re also a perfect spot for reading, laying out your clothes, and setting down a bag or another oft-used object. So if you’ve been looking for a way to add more style and function to your bedroom, an accent chair is your move, even if you have a small bedroom

Check out the ideas below for proof that one or more of these chairs belongs in your bedroom. 

1. Armchair in the Middle

An accent chair is great, but an armchair for two seems even more apropos for a bedroom. We love this plush blue one that sits square in the middle of this eclectic Pasadena bedroom

Credit: White Arrow

2. Minimalist Style

Adopting a minimalist aesthetic for your bedroom means you’ll have to make tough decisions about the items you include. But an accent chair can be a useful addition. Choose a low-profile chair with an uncluttered look like the one shown in this bedroom in Queens, NY

Credit: Camille Lai

3. Modern Vibes

This simple, black armchair is the perfect addition to this dark and moody Florida bedroom. A throw pillow and blanket lighten the chair while coordinating well with the bedding. 

4. Lovely Leather

This plush leather armchair is the perfect place to sit and watch the snow fall outside the window of this beautiful Colorado bedroom

5. A Separate Space

If you happen to have a bedroom that’s separated, like these sliding wooden doors in a Joshua Tree cabin, an armchair can define a seating area. 

Credit: Chinasa Cooper

6. Room for Two

This expansive Brooklyn bedroom has enough room for a small sofa, which provides enough seating room for two. The clean lines and low profile avoid blocking the sunlight that fills the room. 

7. A Pop of Color

This Scottish bedroom proves just how much an accent chair can tie a design scheme together. Sure, the room is already bursting with color, but the upholstered chair echoes the tones of the floral patterns on the nightstand lamp’s shade and the bed’s throw pillows, creating a nice eye path around the room. It’s a pretty small chair, but thanks to a cute floor lamp angled over it, it becomes a focal point that’s super inviting for a reading sesh or just a moment of quiet. 

Credit: Minette Hand

8. Neutral Chair

Like high ceilings, a big bedroom is a good decorating “problem” to have in the grand scheme of things. That said, sometimes loftier, larger spaces need a little more attention—and furniture—to feel homey, full, and inviting. Such is the case in this modern Texas bedroom, and an accent chair is a good tool to have at your disposal for closing visual gaps. Situated by the window, here a cushy armchair fills out this room’s corner while adding another spot to sit down or set stuff. The chair also provides a little bit of a grounding element to the hats that are hung on the wall above it.

9. Double Duty

If you have the space, why limit yourself to just one accent chair? Turn your bedroom into another spot to chat and chill with a set of chairs and a small table, just as this Washington, D.C., renter did. Her little seating area by the windows is practically begging to be a go-to morning coffee spot. Plus, these chairs bring another bright pop to the room and perfectly match the pinky-red tones in the artwork and textiles used throughout the room.

Credit: Andrew Bui

10. A Slim Chair

This Queens bedroom is on the small side because, well, that’s pretty much a given in New York City. But the people living there tucked a smallish armchair in one of the corners anyway, and it couldn’t have been a better move. The chair makes perfect use of what would otherwise be dead space. Surrounded by books, plants, and a reading lamp, the chair looks like it belongs in that corner, and it doesn’t close off the space the way a cabinet or other bulkier piece of furniture would. 

11. Coordinated and Calm

Hello, sunshine! This Hollywood bedroom is filled with all the happy colors you could possibly want in a space, making it somewhere its owners probably want to linger. That’s why it’s great that they’ve tucked an armchair into a corner. If ever there were a place to spend a few quiet minutes in the morning getting mentally prepared for the day, this cushy yellow chair is it.

12. A Wooden Chair

This decorating trick isn’t limited to only upholstered chairs either. A bedroom accent chair can be a simple, wooden dining chair, too. Consider giving yours a fresh coat of paint, and it’ll be the exclamation point on your bedside setup. This Montreal homeowner did just that, adding a custom-painted chair that perfectly matches her awesome green walls. It’s a small touch with big impact and purpose, as the accent chair also functions as a nightstand. What a smart small space solution!

13. Understated and Eclectic

Even if your bedroom already has many decorative elements, you can still add a chair to the mix. Take this bold Pennsylvania bedroom, for example. It’s full of pattern and color, with many of its furnishings being on the dark side. The light turquoise armchair, in concert with the large window and white Beni Ourain rug, totally brightens up the space.

Credit: Samara Vise

14. Mismatched Chairs

I’ve shown a bedroom that has doubled up with a pair of the same accent chairs, but it’s totally fine to use mismatched ones as well, in case you were wondering. This airy Boston bedroom is a pretty open space, so the owners flanked their bed and bedside tables with mismatched chairs, tying them together with matching boho pillows. This move instantly makes the room feel cozier and cooler.

15. A Pop of Pink

Last one, but I had to include it because didn’t I say chairs are the perfect way to add a pop or color? I did, and this Philadelphia bedroom proves it. A slightly retro pink armchair in the corner keeps this sweet setup from maybe feeling a little too white.