8 Easy Ways to Quickly Refresh Your Living Room So Every Day Doesn’t Feel Like Groundhog Day

published Feb 2, 2021
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South Hampton house designed by Hyphen & Co.
Credit: Julia Robbs

Let’s face it: The more time spent hunkered down at home, the more likely you are to get tired of looking at the same stuff day after day. When your view doesn’t change, “it’s easy to feel stuck or repetitive during this time,” says interior designer Gabrielle Santiago. That doesn’t mean you have to stay in a decorative rut, though. “Whether it’s moving furniture around or switching up your decor, a simple shift in your environment can make a big difference in how you feel,” Santiago adds.

If you’re ready for an interior change but feel stuck in a slump, don’t worry. Revamping your living space doesn’t have to require a lot of time or money. From simple layout shake-ups to inexpensive decor swaps and more, here’s how interior designers say you can quickly refresh your living room when it feels like you’re caught in a loop — just in time for Groundhog Day!

Mount a photo ledge to a wall

For a quick and simple way to add dimension and architectural detail to a flat wall, designer Megan Hopp recommends incorporating a photo ledge wall shelf into your living room decor. “If you want to take it a step further, you can also paint or apply peel-and-stick wallpaper to the area above or below the shelf to create even more of a focal point,” she adds. In the living space above, a soft ticking stripe wallpaper offsets the brighter pieces scattered on the photo ledge, making the room feel homier and more visually interesting.

Change your furniture layout

Breathing new life into your living space is as easy as moving your furniture around. “Rearranging your furniture is a great way to give your living room a whole new look with little to no budget,” says designer Nina Magon of Contour Interior Design. “By laying out your furniture differently, you present a whole new fresh look to your space, due to the fact that you are viewing the layout from a different perspective.” So go ahead and swap the placement of your accent chairs — or even change your sofa’s orientation if you can — to get a new lease on your living room.

Design a gallery wall

To bring some fresh personality to a tired living room, designer Jenelle Lovings says you can’t go wrong with a good gallery wall. “Gallery walls add texture and movement to your space,” she explains. “Budget-friendly frames are widely available, and sites like Society 6 allow you to support new artists without overspending. I also love framing postcards from my travels, as well as scarves or single cloth napkins I find on sale because it’s missing the full set!”

Add flowers to the mix

Whenever designer Emma Beryl feels like her living room needs a quick update, she buys a fresh flower arrangement to show off on the coffee table. “A flower arrangement can completely change the feeling of a room,” she explains. “If it’s bright, it can add a pop of cheer, while all-white bouquets can make a space feel serene.” 

You can also consider dried flowers, too. The same rules apply when it comes to color and the feeling preserved bouquets create. Moreover, anything you pick will practically last forever so long as you dust off the leaves and stems from time to time.

Create an accent wall display

When you don’t have the energy or budget to paint an entire accent wall, designer Dominique Fluker of DBF Interiors says you can use furniture and decor to create an eye-catching scene for a fraction of the time and cost. “Leverage existing furniture and accessories to create a furniture accent wall,” she explains. “You can use old books, art, plants, and accessories to curate visual interest and create storage!”

Make a few decorative swaps

Lovings says swapping out decorative accessories such as vases, lamps, and art objects is another cost-effective way to liven up your living space. “Look for bold statement pieces, as they will make the most impact in transforming your space,” she advises. “You can also integrate decor items from other rooms of your home to freshen up the space for free.”

Take advantage of unused wall space

When you find yourself in a decorating slump, designer Carneil Griffin of Griffin Direction Interiors recommends filling in some of the gaps of space between the top of your walls and ceiling. “Look up and think of all that square footage you’ve been ignoring,” he says. “Whether you add art, mirrors, or a floating shelf, taking advantage of vertical space will visually expand a space so it feels fresh and new.” Bonus: The higher you mount paintings, curtains, and shelves, the more the eye will be drawn upwards, causing your ceilings to appear loftier, too.

Credit: Julia Robbs

Upgrade your throw pillows and blankets

According to designer Nathelie Macchioni of Hyphen & Co, the easiest way to revamp a living room is with fresh throw pillows and blankets. “New throw pillows will instantly liven up a couch or chair,” she explains. “Etsy is a great resource for artisanal vendors at affordable prices. Just cover your existing pillows with pillow covers in new colors, patterns, and/or textures for a fresh vibe.”