The Unusual $14 Amazon Find You Should Be Using to Dry Your Sweaters

published Aug 21, 2023
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For two long years, I lived in a shoebox of an apartment in New York City — and trust me, I’m only barely exaggerating. As time went on, even though I knew I needed to stop buying clothes I didn’t have space for, I inevitably kept accumulating more and more until it was a major struggle to store them all. And an unfortunate fact that comes with having too many clothes is that your laundry increases accordingly. 

Since my studio was severely lacking in space and surfaces — I only had a tiny kitchen island and about a foot of counter space — when it came to air drying my clothes, I had to get crafty. I purchased a folding drying rack, but when it was out, it was so huge that I could hardly move through my kitchen. So, eventually, I ditched it and started draping my numerous sweaters and other pieces that couldn’t be tossed in the dryer on my single armchair. Needless to say, it was still a pretty chaotic situation every time laundry day rolled around.

That’s why I wish I had this ingenious, affordable hanging rack that I just discovered on Amazon. In addition to having multiple tiers that can fit tons of items, it can hook onto your shower rod to keep your clothes out of the way as they dry. Let me give you the rundown on why this $14 find should be at the top of your wishlist.

What is the Looca Drying Rack?

It’s hard to believe with how hot it’s been this summer, but sweater weather is only weeks away, and this drying rack is a must if you wear lots of knits. With mesh straps to secure items in place, each of its three tiers can fit large sweaters and tops up to size XXXL, so you can either put individual, bigger items or multiple smaller ones on each layer. But even though it’s enormous when it’s expanded, when you want to store it away, the rack folds and collapses into a small circle.

In addition to its size, another key asset is that it doesn’t take up any floor space. The contraption hangs with its durable plastic hook that can be latched onto any standard shower rod — and it spins in a full circle, so you can reach any item easily. With its mesh shelves, it’ll get more air, too, so your clothes will dry quickly.

Credit: Amazon

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.5/5

“Didn’t realize how much I needed this, but, I do! I use it all the time. I hang it on my shower curtain rod. It’s great for everything from sweaters, tops and delicate undergarments. It’s much better than laying something out on a towel. It dries much more quickly with the mesh under it so that air gets to it from all directions.” – 66Flowers

“I always hated washing sweaters because we just don’t have the space for one of the lay flat mesh tables to dry the sweaters. Don’t let the size of the storage bag fool you. Once you take the 3 level hanging sweater dryer out of the storage bag it is huge. So bulky sweaters will hang over the length but the drying still gets done.” – Lenore

“It’s such a struggle having a ton of cotton shirts that need to be dried flat when I live in a small apartment. My traditional drying rack was always terribly in the way when I used it and only had space for ONE shirt to dry flat on the top. This miracle has at least tripled my flat-drying surface area and stays out of my way on the shower curtain rod.” – Rita

The Looca drying rack will expand your drying surface area tremendously while hardly taking up any space at all. And even though it’s particularly suited for drying sweaters flat, it’s perfect for any item that needs to be air-dried. With over 800 rave reviews, your $14 will be well spent.