Hit Refresh On Your Bedspread With These 10 Long Lumbar Pillows

updated May 27, 2020
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Other than maybe the jade facial roller on your vanity or your sleek bike, it’s rare to find wellness tools that double as decor. Lumbar pillows have proven themselves as useful items for making chairs more comfortable as well as stunning accents for beds and couches. So if you’re looking to make a bed brimming with style (or just really love your throw pillow collection), a long lumbar might be just the thing to throw into your mix. 

When it comes to styling lumbar pillows, there’s no better canvas than your bed. Pairing these with your sleeping pillows and throw blankets can make for a bed that’s luxury and hotel-worthy. “I use lumbar pillows in every room of the house!” says designer Anastasia Casey, creative director of IDCO Studio. She loves a 12-inch by 24-inch size for accent chairs and a more substantial size—at least 30 inches long—for styling a bed. “I love the look of four sleeping pillows stacked behind a single long lumbar,” says Casey. “It makes making the bed a breeze in the morning but always looks polished.”

Designer Rachel Anderson of Harper Rae Design Co. agrees that lumbar pillows are a perfect mix of form and function. “My favorite way to style a lumbar pillow is using an oversized version on a king bed,” says Anderson. “While I love the layered look of lots of throw pillows, it isn’t easy to maintain on a daily basis. I like stacking two sets of white king sleeping pillows on top of each other, placing two euro shams in front, and then the oversized lumbar in front of that.” Because you use the king size pillows to sleep, Anderson says you’ll only need to remove three decorative pillows before settling into bed for the night. “Lumbar pillows are also great paired with a couple 22-inch or 20-inch square throw pillows on the inside corner of a sectional, which can be an awkward space to fill,” she adds. 

Take inspiration from these 10 perfectly styled lumbar pillow setups and shop some favorite picks below.

1. Textured Lumbar Pillow

A lumbar pillow with a fun texture, like the one featured in this New Orleans apartment, can add a little oomph to a minimalist room. It also prevents the need to collect a variety of different smaller pillows to make your bed look cooler. 

2. Mini Lumbar Pillow

A lot of the lumbar pillows you see are oversized and meant as one-and-done solutions for styling a bed or sofa. But mini versions, such as the one in this Chicago loft, can give you the same effect without stealing the spotlight. In this case, it’s the fabric color that makes this pint-sized lumbar pillow stand out. Introducing a rectangular shape to the pillow party also helps to add some variety to the rest of the square cushions.

3. Super Long Lumbar Pillow

While a long lumbar pillow makes a major statement in this Philly rental, its colors match the rest of the bed so perfectly that it doesn’t stick out too much. Its long, rectangular shape fills the space nicely, and because it looks like art more than a functional pillow, it adds a little something special to the bed’s composition.

4. Neutral Lumbar Pillow

Although this pillow is the textbook definition of neutral, it still helps to break up the white space on the bed in this Philadelphia row home. A lighter color choice like this is a great way to balance out several dark accents scattered around a room.

5. Accent Chair Lumbar Pillow

Lumbar pillows aren’t just reserved for beds. They became popular for their ability to make sitting in a seat more comfortable. This New York City rental gets a much needed pop of color, thanks to this fun lumbar pillow and accent chair combination.

6. Fun-Shaped Lumbar Pillow

This pretty Melbourne home shows how a fun, cloud-shaped lumbar pillow can infuse some whimsical, kid-friendly style into a child’s bedroom. Form meets function with this lumbar pillow, and there’s no need for a truckload of stuffed animals or superhero sheets to make this bedroom’s owner happy.

7. Shibori-Style Lumbar Pillow

Tie dye can be chic, and the shibori-style lumbar pillow showcased in this New York City apartment proves just how much a single pillow can jazz up a room. It also helps reinforce and play up similar blue tones in the nearby accent chair, desk, and vase.

8. Bright Pop of Color

This home that used to be an old church has a bright red lumbar pillow, which adds some color into an otherwise white and light gray bedroom. Because the rest of the space has more hushed neutrals, the pillow becomes a snazzy little focal point.

9. Patterned Lumbar Pillow

In this mid-century modern home, a small patterned lumbar pillow on the bed provides some visual interest in a simple bedroom. If you’re not one to have oversized pillows piled high but want more than two sleeping pillows, a smaller version of this style is a good compromise.

10. Chic Striped Lumbar Pillow

This lumbar pillow from designers Annabel Joy and Jen Dulac of Trim Design Co offers a slight nautical touch to this bed and complements the rest of the palette in the room, including the wall artwork.

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