What To Do With All Those Throw Pillows When It’s Time for Bed

updated Nov 18, 2022
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I love the look of a layered bed, which means I’ve been known to pile on the pillows. This is all well and good for Instagram photos, but when you’re ready to hit the hay, it’s kind of a liability. I want to be that chill person who just throws ’em all on the floor, but I’m not. I’m more of a “I got this John Robshaw pillow at a sample sale for $40, but I still can’t bear the thought of it getting dirty!” type of gal. But when you’re tired, you’re tired. So that’s why it’s great to have a solution at the ready for what to do with all those decorative pillows when the clock is against you.

These ideas will help you take care of business when it comes to your pillow situation. All you have to do is pick one.

(Image credit: Life on Virginia Street)


I think the most obvious solution is an oversize basket, which is not to be confused with your hamper but has roughly the same dimensions. I mean, a hamper actually works pretty well. Right now, I’m using this H&M seagrass laundry basket to handle my stack, and it’s about 25 inches high. So I’d say you want something at least that tall and decently wide, so you can squeeze a few in there.

I also like the water hyacinth styles similar to what’s seen here from the Life on Virginia Street blog. Generally speaking, these braided styles are sturdy, come in extra large sizes and add a good amount of texture to space while still being neutral enough to go with anything (you likely will have luck finding some like this at stores like HomeGoods).

(Image credit: A Burst Of Beautiful)

Storage Bench

Benches have long been popular at the end of beds for storing stuff, and sure enough, they’re also a good place to stash decorative pillows. Even better if you choose a chest like the one here from A Burst of Beautiful, trunk or something with a storage compartment, so you can actually throw your pillows inside overnight. Obviously, you can leave them on top of a bench as well. But it’s always a good idea to keep visual clutter to a minimum in a bedroom if you’re going for maximum calming, chill vibes.

(Image credit: 100 Things 2 Do)


I’d probably never construct hanging rope shelves, as Shelly from 100 Things 2 Do did, but this unit sure gets the job done. It kind of reminds me of a store display, and if you’ve got an empty corner or the wall space to do this, it’s definitely a nice DIY solution. (And since you probably do not have that many throw pillows, use the rest of the space to store light items like picture frames, linens…or whatever you see fit!)

(Image credit: Tiny House Pins)

Storage Headboard

I tend to prefer the hidden approach, which is why this headboard with secret pillow storage spotted on Tiny House Pins caught my eye. I’m unclear on whether it’s a bed that’s currently being manufactured, a custom piece or a really awesome DIY, but it’s pretty great regardless.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Under-the-Bed Storage

Storage beds (or baskets or bins under a bed) are useful for all kinds of storage so why not dedicate some of that under-the-bed space to “show” pillows. Of course, IKEA, the small space OG, has the BRIMNES Bed (above), an affordable option with under bed compartments, and we’ve rounded up plenty more storage bed options here.

(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)


Ladders get a lot of play as solutions for hanging blankets, towels and even scarves. But Bridgid Coulter’s workspace is making a case for trying one as a perch for pillows. Look for something with rungs that are wide enough to accommodate the loft of your pillows.

(Image credit: Cotton & Flax)

Stack on a Chair

And last but not least, just keep it simple like Cotton & Flax did here and park your stack of pillows on a spare chair. You don’t need anything fancy. An old dining or desk chair will do the trick.

So pick your ideal solution. Some of these ideas are so painfully easy to pull off, there’s no excuse for ever throwing your pillows on the floor again.