This Stylish, Self-Watering Planter Is Perfect for Budding Plant Parents Like Me

published Dec 8, 2021
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I started my plant mom journey mid-quarantine — but unlike previous attempts, I decided to stick with it. Besides the pleasing aesthetic of live plants sprinkled throughout your home, they also help filter and cleanse the air circulating throughout it. It seems like a win-win situation, right? Well… sometimes. Of course, I’ve been unlucky enough to receive some of the neediest plants in the world. Some need to be watered diligently, others can’t be watered too much. Some grow out of their pots too quickly, causing me to have to constantly buy bigger pots, while others are fickle when it comes to how much sunlight they can withstand. It’s a mess, trust me.

Even though it can be time-consuming to manage a house full of melodramatic plants, I love it and wouldn’t trade it for the world. For Jayne (yes, I name my plants), the most theatrical Barbados shrub of them all, I knew it was time for a repot. And every plant parent knows a repot can make or break even the strongest plants in your home. But this time, the job was way easier thanks to Loop Living’s Extra Large Athena Planter.

The Athena Extra Large pot is what every busy plant parent needs. Handcrafted for all the medium-sized “show stoppers,” this planter gives your plant the environment it needs, even when you’re away. What caught my attention was the addition of a water reservoir. Using the small wick provided, this planter makes it easy for your plant to “drink” any excess water that’s left in the tray. Typically, overwatering results in root rot, which can completely destroy your plant. This planter gives the excess water a place to escape, so the soil can soak it up when it becomes dried out.

Credit: Loop Living

When I first received the pot, I loved how lightweight it was. For someone who’s been lugging terra-cotta pots around for the past two years, that was definitely a relief. I was a bit nervous for the connecting wick, though. It was thick, but shorter than I initially imagined. For my heftier plants, I worried that there would be problems filtering to the roots and up through the soil.

Since Barbados shrubs need direct and full sunlight, I worried that the water in the reservoir may evaporate from being in the sun all day. Since this planter isn’t able to be hung on walls, I was also a bit nervous about finding the perfect spot, but eventually found a tight corner beside my bedroom windowpane.

After my first week, I was truly amazed at the impact this pot had on my plant. The true turning point was seeing how it managed my plant while I traveled. After filling the reservoir with water, I headed to my family’s home for five days. When I returned, a normally droopy Jayne was standing tall and looking lovely. At that point, I was convinced the The Athena Extra Large planter was the real deal and instantly wanted to make the switch for all of my houseplants.

I’d definitely recommend this pot to any aspiring planter. I love that the water reservoir tray prevents rot root and helps a bit with the plant maintenance. And priced at $72, I’d say this function of this self-watering planter is well worth it.