6 Plants You Barely Need to Water

updated Nov 8, 2019
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If you just had yet another funeral for a houseplant, then it might be time to green up your space with some low-maintenance plants that are super-easy to care for. Did you know that tons of plants out there only require watering every couple weeks—or even once a month? These seven houseplants just need an occasional drink, which is perfect for busy schedules or I-don’t-want-to-kill-another-plant misgivings. 

Credit: Bloomscape

Ponytail Palm

Ponytail palms really do look like cute, green ponytails, and they’ll bring a fun, tropical look to your space. As a member of the succulent family, ponytail palms adore sunny spots, so be sure to choose the brightest room of your home for these plants. And since the ponytail palm is a semi-desert plant, you’ll only need to water it every two to three weeks in warm months, or every three to four weeks in winter.

Cast Iron Plant

Cast iron plants truly live up to their name. Extremely hardy and difficult-to-kill, cast iron plants first came from the forests of Japan and Taiwan and now can be found in many homes. They don’t love direct sun, so a north-facing window tends to be best. Water your cast iron plant every two to three weeks, and water it sparsely—its roots will rot if you give it too much moisture.

Credit: The Sill

Snake Plant

Also known as a mother-in-law’s tongue (seriously!), snake plant is another tough little plant. It’s originally from Africa, and right now it’s having a bit of a moment in the houseplant world. For snake plant to thrive, make sure the soil is extremely dry before watering; this only needs to be done every two to six weeks. This plant can tolerate all types of light, as well.

Credit: Terrain

Aloe Plant

Yes, we’re talking about the same stuff that you apply to your skin after a nasty sunburn. Aloe plant is a succulent that needs a bit of direct sun here and there, no more than two or three hours a day. In the summer, when the soil gets extra-dry, you’ll need to water once per week. In the winter, twice a month will do.

Credit: The Sill

Money Tree

The money tree has long been believed to bring luck to anyone who displays it in their home, leading to increased success, and yes, more money. It thrives in indirect light, and you can get away with watering it just two to three times a month. Plus, it earns major style points with its cool, braided trunk.

Credit: Terrain

String of Pearls

We think that the String of Pearls plant may be the prettiest succulent around. With its cascading greenery, it prefers bright, indirect light and even does well in fluorescent light. Water string of pearls every two weeks (they hate overwatering, by the way), and in the winter, give them even less water.