Everyone Should Own These $13 Magnetic Drawer Organizers from Amazon

published Feb 19, 2020
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Credit: Lana Kenney

If there’s one thing that I believe we can truly all connect on, it’s the universal pain in the ass that is the Junk Drawer.

These drawers exist in every home, in every city, in every state. It’s the drawer where you throw the stuff you don’t want to see, or deal with, and also inevitably, like, at least 237 batteries. It’s the drawer where you put that pair of scissors you’re always losing (I wonder why). It’s where you put the 1,239 different cords you have accumulated over the years. You have no idea where these cords came from, what they go to, or even if you still need them but, hey, you feel good about the fact that you’re keeping them all in one place. It’s where you put… well, everything. And it sucks. 

As someone who used to have a kitchen with no drawers (seriously, not a single one—thanks, New York), at one point the mere concept of having a junk drawer seemed kind of great. Having somewhere to throw all my crap? The stuff I’m sick of looking at? Ideal, I thought. Soon enough, though, I realized just how wrong I had been. I had been living in my new home for a couple months, and one day I opened said junk drawer to realize I had created a monster. Naturally, I eventually found a half-used Amazon gift card in said junk drawer and I set off to fix things. 

After some searching, I found a highly-rated magnetic organizer set for the drawer and hit “add to cart.” Soon, the organizer was at my front door and I was ready to fix my whole life or, at the very least, just that stupid drawer.

I took everything out, trashed as much as I could, and started organizing everything. It took about 30 minutes to configure it all, but before I knew it, I had turned the ugliest drawer in my house into the most oddly satisfying organizational system I owned. Is some of it still filled with junk? Of course. Does it feel better when said junk is organized into tiny, specific compartments? Hell yes.

Credit: Olivia Muenter

It was $13 and took 30 minutes to set up, but the stress it saved me felt like it was the best investment I have made in years. The best part? I organized it all a month or two ago, and it’s still organized. Sure, sometimes I get a little carried away and throw some junk mail in there just because I can (I don’t know who needs to hear this too, but that coupon you’re saving in that drawer? You won’t use it. Ever. Trust me), but I always snap back to reality eventually. If it doesn’t fit in the organizer cubes or neatly on the side of them, it’s going in the trash. So if you, too, feel personally victimized by your junk drawer, find an organizer and get to work.