This Organizer Added Storage Under My Sink That I Didn’t Know Was Possible

published Sep 23, 2023
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For many people, the spot under your kitchen sink is the ideal place to stash cleaning supplies, miscellaneous tools, and other accessories. Unfortunately for me, that’s just not the case. 

Quick Overview

Quick Look at Madesmart 2-Tier Mini Multipurpose Organizer

  • Slim and compact.
  • Adds storage to under-sink area.
  • Has two tiers and removable bins.
  • Comes in four color options.

My under-sink storage is practically nonexistent, due to our water filtration system that takes up most of the space. The remaining slot that can be used measures about 6 inches wide and 19 inches tall, with a depth of 22 inches. I’ve always felt that I could squeeze in a few things here, but I just didn’t have the right organizer for the job (the width of the space being the main issue) — that is, until I found this smart solution. 

While browsing Amazon, I discovered this compact under-sink organizer that could fit the exact available space. I couldn’t believe it, so I pulled out my measuring tape to be sure and confirmed that yes, I had finally found the under-sink organizer of my dreams. 

What I Love About the Madesmart 2-Tier Plastic Mini Multipurpose Organizer

The Madesmart 2-Tier Plastic Mini Multipurpose Organizer is slim enough to fit the smallest of under-sink spaces — which was the biggest selling point for me. It is 5.08 inches wide and 6.81 inches tall with a depth of 13.66 inches. 

For someone who has limited storage space under my kitchen sink, this organizer was a game-changer. Now, I can actually store things here, like extra cleaning supplies or miscellaneous tools. This would allow me to free up space in other cabinets, too! (Another perk!) 

Credit: Stephanie Nguyen

It has two tiers, two dividers (which allow you to fit several things on either level), and removable bins that easily slide out. The organizer comes in clear to more opaque options, like clear, frost, smoke, and carbon. I got the one in frost and have been storing my extra sponges on top and trash bags on the bottom.

The best part is that you can vary how you use this organizer and where you use it, too. For instance, if you have something tall you need to store, you could remove one bin to accommodate, or you can take both bins and use them separately elsewhere.

Credit: Stephanie Nguyen

It has been so useful to have in my kitchen to hold onto extra cleaning supplies, but I can also see it being used in the bathroom to hold medicine or beauty products or even in the office to hold onto office items.

This organizer will benefit anyone looking to unlock the storage potential of their under-sink area — no matter how limited the space is.

Buy: Madesmart 2-Tier Plastic Mini Multipurpose Organizer, $17.99