I Use This $21 Tool to Keep Track of Chores, Grocery Lists, and Goals — I’ve Never Been So Organized

published Jan 18, 2023
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Keeping track of everything that I need to get done on a daily basis has always been a challenge for me — but it’s been even more of a lift these days, now that I am cohabitating with my boyfriend. We have to coordinate a grocery list (a lesson well-learned after accidentally both buying sandwich materials in the same day), divide and conquer chores, and keep each other’s schedule in mind (he is also notorious at forgetting he has plans and getting double-booked). So, we clearly needed a solution, and luckily, I stumbled upon this magnetic white board on Amazon. Our fridge is (thankfully) magnetic, and a rare dead space (aside from wedding invitations, baby announcements, and the odd restaurant postcard) in our tiny, one-bedroom apartment.

But, we didn’t figure out exactly how we were going to use this communal whiteboard overnight. It took about four months of living together to come up with a good system. The landlord’s phone number lives at the top for apartment emergencies; my boyfriend’s to-do list is on the left-hand side, while mine is on the right (which contains small cleaning tasks, bill due dates, and my workout schedule); and the space at the bottom is a communal to-do list. The shared list is used most when we have people over or have parties, like we did for his birthday.

At 20 inches by 13 inches, this whiteboard is the perfect size — though it does come in three other sizes if you have different needs. You have enough room to write multiple lists, notes, and even add a fun little drawing or two! Luckily, the whiteboard hasn’t moved one millimeter since we put it up in August, no matter how many times we accidentally slam the freezer. The dry-erase board also came with four markers and an eraser, all of which are magnetic, too. Here is one valuable tip to keep your dry erase markers vibrant and dark: Flip them upside down so the cap is facing toward the ground. Gravity will cause the ink to move toward the tip overnight, which means you can say goodbye to prematurley “dead” markers.

I’d recommend this magnetic whiteboard to anyone who is looking for an extra motivator to get things done in 2023. The whiteboard has made me way more organized — without taking up extra space in my home.

Buy: Magnetic Whiteboard for Fridge, $20.99 (normally $29.99)