Your Walls Need This Whimsical Magnetic Wallpaper

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Credit: Sian Zeng

We love a good design hack that’s both functional and nice to look at. And we just found our new favorite: magnetic wallpaper. When you hear “magnetic wallpaper,” you might picture an all-black wall or a giant whiteboard wall. But this magnetic wallpaper is so beautifully designed, you wouldn’t even know you can stick stuff to it. But you can, and your walls need it.

Home decor company Sian Zeng sells magnetic wallpaper in a variety of whimsical designs, from mountains to flowers to dinosaurs. They also sell matching magnets to inspire your space even more. How cute are these flying pigs?

Credit: Sian Zeng

How does it work exactly? You can create your own magnetic walls in four steps. Just paste the magnet receptive liner to the wall, paste the white lining paper to the wall, paste the patterned wallpaper to the wall, and varnish to protect. It’s more work than your average paint job, but the benefits of having a magnetic wall are definitely worth it. After that, the possibilities are truly endless.

Credit: Sian Zeng

Sian Zeng is located in the U.K., but they do ship worldwide. However, their websites notes that they cannot ship paste to countries outside of the E.U., so if you’re ordering magnetic wallpaper in the states, choose the “without paste” option.

Think about how useful magnetic wallpaper would be. In your kitchen, you could display a recipe while you cook. In your office, you could hang reminders, to-do lists, and mementos without tape or thumbtacks. In your living room, you could display photos and art prints and rotate them out as often as you like without creating any holes or using any hardware. And the best part? Your walls will still look like nice wallpapered walls. We’re sold.