DIY a Deal: Make Your Own $329 Agate Accent Table for Under $60

updated Apr 30, 2019
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(Image credit: CB2)

There’s a particularly gorgeous $329 accent table at CB2 right now that I can’t buy because I should really pay the mortgage this month, so I made a super easy DIY version. Sure, it doesn’t come close to the cast aluminum bamboo-shaped legs of the original, but did I mention it was cheap and easy? The top is inspired by blue agate, and if you sit far enough across the room while you drink your gin and tonic, the legs resemble something like bamboo.

Our DIY Version:

(Image credit: Katie Steuernagle)

What You Need


– 2′ x 2′ square of 1/2″ mdf

– 3 galvanized threaded pipes, 24″ long, 3/4″ outer diameter

– 30 O-rings, size #14, 3/4″ inner diameter (available in plumbing dept)

– 3 plumbing flanges to fit pipes

– 1/2″ wood screws

– super glue

– gold paint

– blue, black, and white acrylic paint

– polyurethane


– jigsaw

– drill


(Image credit: Katie Steuernagle)

1. Sketch an organic-shaped table top onto the mdf square in pencil. Cut out with jigsaw.

(Image credit: Katie Steuernagle)

2. Attach the flanges with woodscrews. Twist the pipes into the flanges.

(Image credit: Katie Steuernagle)

3. Roll the o-rings onto the pipes. Drip some super glue around the center of each pair of o-rings to help secure them in place. Paint the legs and edge of the table gold.

4. Paint the top of the table. I squirted some blue, black, and white paint onto a palette to create the agate look with the white blended in the center and the black around the outer edges. Just keep it swirling in a big circle until you like how it looks.

5. Top with 5 coats of polyurethane. I think a pourable epoxy resin coating would look great, too, but I chose a water-based polyurethane to cut down on the fumes (since I painted mine in the house).

(Image credit: Katie Steuernagle)

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