Making the Move: When Do You Start Packing?

published Mar 25, 2010
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Earlier this week we shared our future plans to move to a new apartment, starting with removing art from the walls as a symbolic first step of transitioning from one space to another. But upon coming home, Emily noted, “We still have over a month to move…no need to start packing already!” Was this a case of pre-packing-elation?

My reply was simply, “It’s never to early to start packing. A month will arrive quicker than you realize, kicking you in the shin, for she will not be ignored!” I think I may have even gestured with my finger pointed upward and across with small kick to signify the passing of time for dramatic effect. But she was right from the perspective that we’d be living amongst a sea of boxes for several weeks and how it does indeed damper your life a bit (what complements cardboard brown anyway?).

An informal poll of friends revealed the intention to pack early is always planned and idealized. But the reality is more likely a caffeine fueled mad dash of boxing and taping at 4:45am, sparked by the “Oh $@&!” realization your moving date has arrived and all you’ve packed is a stag sock, 3 paperback books you still owe the library and an empty Luther Vandross CD case. So we’re sticking to our plan to pack at least one box a day, every day, until our moving date on May 1st. By then, we’ll at least have matching socks.

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