I KonMaried My Life Nine Months Ago—Here’s What I Kept Up with (and What Fell By the Wayside)

updated Jan 9, 2020
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Nine months ago, while in a New Year’s Eve hangover, I decided to do what everyone does while hungover on the first day of the year: try to change my life. But since I was clearly in no state to leave the house, I spent the day on the couch watching “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.” I felt inspired, so I decided to completely KonMari my room looking for joy—and more space in my cramped NYC apartment.

The first time I organized, I felt so overwhelmed the entire time that I didn’t actually stop to take in anything I was doing. The main goal was to just get it done. Now that I’ve continued to try a little KonMari-ing everyday, I find the whole process less daunting—and I’m proud to say that I have somewhat kept up with it.

Credit: Amanda Becker

First, the successes. I’ve always struggled with keeping my dresser drawer in good shape: I’m not just talking about organizing it color or item, but keeping my nice piles from becoming a jumbled mess. I was constantly digging to find my favorite white top and never bothered to fold things after messing them up. So as you can imagine, the KonMari method of folding, for me, was a game changer. Yes, my drawers have since lost their color coordination that I first tried to keep up with, but the rolling method has at least kept things orderly. 

Also, when it comes to clothing items that spark joy, I have become ruthless. Everyday when I get ready for work, if I put something on and feel “meh” about it, I drop it in a sell/donate bag in my room. Now I don’t need to remind myself why I’m getting rid of something—I already know. The constant act of donating keeps my closet feeling fresh and significantly less cluttered.

Credit: Amanda Becker

However, I have faced challenges with keeping up with Kondo’s method over time. The major thing Kondo preaches is clean and tidy surfaces, and I’m embarrassed to say the decluttering progress I made nine months ago with my desk and dresser has completely gone away. The clutter is back: My desk drawer has become a mess of pay stubs and coupons I swear I’ll use (but never will), and my dresser is a catchall of all things that don’t have another home. As I type, I’m currently staring at three candles that are empty that I should recycle, but I keep them because the glass they’re in is cute and I’ll craft with it (even as I say this I know it’s a lie, they’ll never become Pinterest-worthy vases).

All in all, the KonMari method has had a long-term effect on my lifestyle, and it’s the reminder of what my space could be that motivates me to at least strive for that organized space once again. But until then, I’ll celebrate the little win of more closet space with some online shopping.

Have you tried and kept up with the KonMari method since her show premiered? How has it worked for you?