Marie Kondo’s Sustainable Collection with The Container Store Is Here

published Jan 11, 2021
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Credit: The Container Store

Through her KonMari Method, Marie Kondo expresses the importance of keeping items that spark joy, discarding things that have no purpose in your life, and giving everything that remains in your possession a home. While each step is crucial, that latter is what helps prevent a clutter relapse as well as makes your tidying last. Marie Kondo’s new sustainability-focused collection with The Container Store provides the thoughtful tools to keep the magic up.

Today, The Container Store x KonMari collection is officially live, featuring over 100 sustainably sourced products that help give everything a place in the home—from bamboo desk organizers to recycled paperboard drawers and rattan cubby bins. These storage solutions are intentional in their design to not only reflect a responsibly made product, but to represent a longstanding item that will be cherished for years to come.

“Given my experience helping people tidy up different spaces, I would see a lot of items that unfortunately had to be discarded, whether they were consumed and fulfilled their purpose or weren’t necessary in that person’s life anymore,” Kondo told Apartment Therapy. “Knowing we were going to introduce new items into the cycle, we wanted to make sure that people would want to cherish the items so it would hopefully be the last storage solution that they need—but [if] the time does come that it needs to be returned to the environment, that we do so gracefully and in a sustainable way.”

The collection has a minimal, clean look that brings a thoughtful design-forward element into each room. Take the bamboo hamper with a liner, for example, which is part of the Shoji collection that is a personal favorite of Kondo’s. “The Shoji collection takes into considering my Japanese heritage,” she said. “It has a very traditional motif of Shoji screens that are used as partitions or sliding doors.”

See below for some joy-sparking picks from the collection:

Credit: The Container Store

Shoji 2-Section Bamboo Hamper

As mentioned above, this bamboo hamper reflective of Shoji screens is made with sustainability in mind. It can be used as a laundry hamper, or a large bin that keeps miscellaneous items in one place. Additionally, the cotton liner inside the hamper is made with PEVA lamination that makes it easy to clean.

Buy: Shoji 2-Section Bamboo Hamper, $149.99

Credit: The Container Store

Calm Desktop Organizer Set

Made from heavyweight, recycled paperboard, this desk organizer is divided into five sections—from a place to put your business cards to a holder for all your pens and pencils, and a small square for miscellaneous items (rubber bands, paper clips, etc.). And with many of us working from home, this is a much-needed item for helping things stay organized, both physically and mentally.

Calm Desktop Organizer Set, $17.99

Credit: The Container Store

Ori Rattan Honey Natural Curved Bins

Nothing like an aesthetically pleasing bin to store items in. These woven rattan baskets come in three sizes (small, medium, large) and are durable and flexible to fit a range of things. Each rattan bin has been handwoven by traditional artisans, and its renewable nature makes it align with the sustainable practices of the collection.

“I personally like [rattan], it allows the air to pass through in a more Feng Shui way,” Marie mentioned. “It encourages this kind of positive energy and good fortune to pass through.”

Buy: Ori Rattan Honey Natural Curved Bins, $29.99 – $39.99

Credit: The Container Store

Cloud White Ceramic Bulk Canisters

These multi-sized ceramic canisters can contain all the pantry staples while blending in with almost any already existing kitchen style. The three sizes are made of natural ceramic clay, and each lid has a bamboo piece that varies slightly in tone as well as silicone lining to keep things fresh for longer.

Buy: Cloud White Ceramic Bulk Canisters, $19.99 – $26.99

Credit: The Container Store

Calm Paper Drawers

One of the biggest culprits of desk clutter: disorganized papers. This two-drawer paper organizer is made of recycled paperboard and is accented with leather handles, somehow making it more stylish than it already is (personally, I’ve never seen paper drawers this pretty). For those who need more paper storage, you can comfortably stack up to three.

Buy: Calm Paper Drawers, $27.99