The Secret Codes on Marshalls’ Price Tags and How They Can Save You Money

published Aug 27, 2023
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Credit: kevin brine/Shutterstock

Scoring a good deal at Marshalls or its sister stores like TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, and Homesense is kind of a given. But apparently you can score a major deal all by checking out the price tag on your item before heading to the checkout lane, as the trusty tag holds some pretty useful information that can help you save even more money.

TikTok user @Mel_Aninn recently divulged the secret to some of the codes on the Marshalls price tag, sharing that the “type” code in the upper right corner might give some helpful info about the product you’re looking to purchase.

“So, type 2 means that the item has a slight flaw,” the user shared. “And type 6 means that the items were overstocked by the manufacturer and therefore sent into Winners (a Canadian-based retailer) or Marshalls to be sold and you get it at a better value, [a] better price.”

Turns out, these retailers’ price tags reveal a lot, with the four digit code near the upper right portion of the tag or sticker signifying the date that the item arrived in store (i.e. 0723 or 0823 for July and August 2023, respectively). Other TikTokers have noted that the further out these dates are from when you’re shopping, the easier it might be to ask for additional discounts than what the sticker price is offering, and your best shot of snagging a deeper discount will be four weeks or more beyond the in-store arrival date.

You’ll also want to take a look at the color of your tag or sticker, as store associates might be more willing to give you a further discount on items with a red tag (which indicates a clearance item) or a yellow tag, which indicates a final clearance price that they’re likely hoping to move out quickly.

There’s no guarantee on anything, but it never hurts to ask, especially if you’re shopping for bigger ticket items and want to get the best price possible. As Mel_Aninn noted in their caption: “I usually don’t pay attention to this type of thing. Thanks to my cashier, and now you know! Happy shopping!”