I Tried the Popular Martha Stewart Comforter—and It’s Worth the Hype

updated Nov 30, 2020
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If my Fitbit could talk, it would say that over the past three years I have been an incredibly restless sleeper. My sleep troubles began around the time I moved in with my husband, who prefers being wrapped up like a human burrito in a thick blanket with the heater turned up to the highest setting. As a hot sleeper, I prefer a lightweight blanket with a tower fan blasting in my face, and a foot (or one full leg) peeking out. After years of tormenting each other in the middle of the night by turning up the heater or switching on the fan, we decided we had to come up with a solution for the sake of our collective sanity. That’s when the Martha Stewart comforter made its way onto our bed, and it’s been the best buy we’ve snagged yet. Even better? Right now it’s on sale for $61.19 (normally $120).

In a world filled with comforters, what made me single out the Martha Stewart version? For starters, I already own a pricey bamboo comforter, so it made sense to test out an alternative from a quality brand at a ridiculously good sale price. I wanted something I wouldn’t feel bad stashing away if it didn’t end up working out for us. Secondly, we’ve featured it frequently on Apartment Therapy as a solid lightweight option, and it turns out that AT readers love it—which is all the assurance I needed to hit the “check out” button.

We have been using the comforter for a little more than five months, and so far we are both clocking in a restful eight hours of sleep each. Lying under it feels like being enveloped in a plush cloud that’s always cool to the touch. On the heat spectrum, I never feel like I’m drowning under layers of thick fabric, while the puffy baffle-box construction keeps my husband cozy and warm. Unlike our previous comforter that noisily rustled with every movement, the Martha Stewart version is whisper-quiet. It also has an OEKO-TEX–certified shell, which is always a bonus!

My only gripe? I found the shell a tad rough against my skin, but I skirted the issue by slipping the comforter into an ultra-soft duvet cover—this eucalyptus lyocell one from Sheets & Giggles has a delightfully silky texture. Plus, I find it easier to wash a duvet cover in a tiny apartment-sized washing machine than trying to squeeze a fluffy comforter in. (Although I did wash the comforter as soon as it came out of the box and there were no lumps or pilling.)

Best of all, we mutually struck a deal and decided to keep both the heater and fan switched off, which has been a win for our marriage, as well as our electricity bill!