You’ll Be Obsessed with This Quirky “It” Decor Trend That’s Inspired by a Drink

published Mar 17, 2024
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If there’s one thing I love, it’s a quirky accessory. In the past few years, I’ve gotten to indulge in this category even more than usual, as trends begin to bring all sorts of weird and wonderful decor to the forefront. One category that’s seeing plenty of action? Food-themed furniture and accessories, from tomatoes and strawberries to bread lights. This spring, it seems like the martini olive is poised to be the breakout star — at least if TikTok is any indicator. 

The humble martini olive might not seem like much, but cocktail culture is pervasive. The iconic drink garnish has been popping up as a decorative motif in specialty shops and Instagram storefronts alike recently. One brick-and-mortar store that’s leaned wholeheartedly into this trend is Big Night, a New York-based retailer that stocks all sorts of goods for hosting (or being a guest!) for a “big night” in. On the brand’s website, you’ll find an “Olive Obsessed” section featuring tons of olive-themed decor, but this is far from the only place stocking these kinds of wares. 

Why all the fuss over a tiny green fruit? “Olives are unstoppable,” says Katherine Lewin, Big Night’s founder. “Food says so much about who we are. People identify with martinis as a drink of choice, so of course there’s something about olives they identify with, [too].”

If you need more proof that martini olives are, indeed, a design motif, take a look at these themed items I’ve found across a wide variety of categories. From gifts and textiles to glasses and mirrors, these martini olive goods are sure to make the happy hour-obsessed smile.

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Big Night

This olive pillow will bring a little cocktail-infused cheer to your sofa. It’s made from soft fleece with a non-allergenic fill and was something Lewin was inspired to sell after customers wanted to buy the one she had in a window display.

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It’s not a party without these olive-themed cocktail napkins. This beautifully embroidered set of four comes in cotton, linen, or a blend of the two.

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At Present

Talk about the perfect present for the martini love in your life! This hand-blown glass olive pendant comes hung on a lovely orange cord, and the necklace is bound to rake in all the compliments.

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Smile Drinkware USA

Not sure if a martini is suited to being served in a tumbler, but you can fill this vessel up with any drink of your choice regardless. I recommend a lime green lid for the perfect color combination.

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Urban Outfitters

Work your love for martinis into your decor with this retro-inspired wall mirror. The olive seems to be missing a pimento, but you can always add your own with a little paint!

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Big Night

No, it doesn’t smell like olives, unfortunately. But this candle will still make a lovely addition to your home, with its neroli, orange blossom, and jasmine scent.

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was $589.00

If you prefer something a bit more abstract, this olive patterned rug is perfect for you. It’ll add a nice pop of color and a bit of quirkiness to any space.

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Ran out of real olives for your martinis? Substitute them with these realistic cocktail picks with olives on top. Or use them for anything else, like serving cheese cubes on a charcuterie board. Because, you know, real olives in martinis are probably better.